Fat and Sassy

my views on being larger than life.

The mission January 30, 2010

It took a while, but i finally figured out what exactly fat and sassy will be for me.    My background is in the sciences.   As an anthropologist, all the work is done on peer reviewed papers with actual data to back up a declaration……and then I turned that keen intellect and snarky attitude on weight loss industry articles…and hilarity and frustration ensued.   This blog aims to systematically poke holes in their “scientific” argument.   Give me a doctor not funded by the diet industry or a study about weight loss that a. has long term (ie 2 or more years) worth of data to back it up and show me more than 20 lbs of weight lost and  we will talk.  Until then, armed with my knowledge of physiology on one hand and WELL RESEARCHED studies on the other, I will tear apart any studies i find that do not compute.   well that, and the occasional story on recovery……and the occasional rant about fatties in teh media…and fat rights….but mainly the article thing….yea.


One Response to “The mission”

  1. Lisa Royal Says:

    Long time fattie, newbie at being fired up about the subject. The “Marie Claire” blogger pushed me over the edge…I am MAD! Now, I am reading working to take charge of my feelings!

    Thanks for being brave and leading the way!


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