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Teen grows, gains weight…..obesity “crisis” raises February 2, 2010

I ran across this article http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100201/ap_on_he_me/us_med_fighting_obesity about a 14-year-old, Paris,  who is in danger of getting obese….shes not even that chunky….just in DANGER of getting fat. “Paris’ pediatrician urged her to take part in an intensive experiment. The goal? To see if a yearlong program of weekly sessions with a nutritionist, exercise trainer and doctor, all preaching major lifestyle changes, could keep the 14-year-old from becoming obese.”  just IN DANGER of….and for this she goes to weekly nutritionist meetings, exercise trainers and doctors…ALL of who are telling her shes fat.  “It’s the kind of intensive help that the influential U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said last month can work for teens.”   Keep in mind this is a girl who developed early and is on the swim team….ALREADY an athlete with swimmers shoulders, so it’s not like she isn’t active, perhaps (despite her curves, even fit?) And she is 14 years old. FOURTEEN. YEARS. OLD.  aka a still growing teenager. 

“She developed early and classmates made fun of her blossoming bust and swimmers’ shoulders.

“They started calling me fat,” Paris says softly. It made her very self-conscious.

So she wears two suits to swim. They are a drag on her swimming times, but help camouflage her curves”

That is part of the problem with judging “the obesity epidemic” on bmi and averages…it sounds as if this girl is athletic and an early develpoer…and THAT makers her in danger of being obese?  Her doctor suggested she join the study because her sisters went to college and came back obese….but does that mean that the athletic paris would as well?  the article blames the biggest loser for making us thing that “overweight” isn’t bad for you. (wtf?) “”Reality shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’ definitely have not helped,” she said. They’ve skewed the public’s perception of what overweight looks like, featuring people who are dangerously obese” /headdesk.

The article follows the first (honeymoon) months of the family diet (lifestyle change /rolleyes) with relish….they all lose weight, even the growing 14-year-old (her whole family has to sign up with her) they all go vegetarian.  from April to Oct Paris loses 8 lb. (according to her bmi chart she started out 20 lb overweight) She gushes about how she looks ect, ect, the stuff everyone does when they are losing weight.   but after Christmas, it falls apart.  and of course, they blame her, not homeostasis, or hunger, or the fact THAT SHES A GROWING TEEN. 

Chicago’s 2008-09 winter is harsh, snowy and cold. Paris feels little motivation to venture outside to exercise. It’s dark when she gets home from school and homework keeps her busy until bedtime.

Her friends alternate between encouragement and saying she’s wasting her time. Her dad says Paris “is fine as long as she’s at home. She pretty much sticks to the diet. When she’s with friends, they go out to burger places. She struggles with that a bit.”

At school lunch, friends reach over and grab bites of her veggie sandwiches, and Paris thinks it’s unfair that their food is off-limits. Sometimes she takes a few bites, anyway.

By April 2009, it’s clear Paris will miss her birthday goal. In fact, she’s put on about 5 pounds. Wearing a tight magenta tank top accentuating her tummy bulge, she says, “I just want my stomach a little flatter.”

i HATE that.  THEY BLAME HER.   for gaining 5 lbs.  (most women don’t finish putting on height until their late (ie 18ish) teens.  not to mention that early developers add 5-10 lb of boob which, against popular belief, is NOT factored into bmi stats or “overweight” range measurements) her dad blames her.  Her friends “other” her, telling her she’s fail or commiserating in her dieting.  And she see the failure…and keeps failing…after 2 years, she has gained 12 lbs…which sounds perfectly normal to me considering she went form 14-16 but the article and her doctor sem to disagree.   Even the adults in her family only lost 5lbs (her family stuck to the vegetarian diet), or non at all over 2 years.   the grand total for 12 lbs gain for a growing teen over 2 years (and a weight loss of 5lbs in the mom)?  “A research grant paid for the Woodses to participate; otherwise the counseling and checkup sessions likely would have cost well over $4,000.”  4k to doctors for nothing….no real results, but the article trumps it up like it’s an improvement… all it shows to me is the fulitlity of trying to “diet”  I am pretty sure that paris will stay fairly healthy…..shes a swimmer and a lifeguard, walks to school and work, and eats a fairly healthy diet for a teen (her family still eats vegetarian at home, she does eat meat with friends.)   In fact i worry that all the study did was make her feel like a failure and set her up for future diet failures.


Here’s why you should read who funds studies. January 30, 2010

So i was looking for new weight loss news to post and all i found were these 2 papers:

http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/177589.php  is a post about how alli will lower abdominal fat….guess who funded it?  guess who WROTE the article and gave it to yahoo and other “news journals?”  Source: Debbie Bolding  for GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare.  In the study the difference between the “control” group and the alli group was “5.96 kg versus 3.91 kg, respectively”  so what?  such a HUGE loss of around 6 or 4 kg.   Some proven weight loss….and that was at the 6 month mark….did they keep it off?  what were the 12 month stats like?   Furthermore it is nothing but a badly written ad for alli in the first place….fail…trhats not “weight loss news”  thats just a badly written advertismnet….go sell it to readers digest im done with it.

 another good example of the “follow the money” idea for reading so called weight loss news is THIS gem right here.  http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/177654.php.  this article doesn’t even give statistical data, it just gives the same old generalities as usual.  “There are risks associated with barbaric surgery, as there are with any surgical procedure, but the risks associated with the procedure may pale in comparison to the health complications that can be caused by obesity,” said Christopher Still, D.O., director of the Geisinger Center for Nutrition and Weight Management.”   LMAO anyone want to care to guess what the geisinger company does?   It’s an insurance group, runs nursing homes, and bariatric weight loss centers in PA. 

Think about it people, “weight loss has become a year-round preoccupation–and a source of profit for a $40 billion industry.” (from http://health.usnews.com/usnews/health/articles/030616/16profit.htm)  its in the industries best interests to keep you coming back for more…..to advertise in sneaky ways (they wouldn’t have to put results not typical in ads if there’s wasnt a LAW about it somewhere, think about it people!)   Theres more money in us hating ourselves and dieting for our the rest of their lives, buying their products every day, than us enjoying life, and eating well.    40 billion dollar industry…..


a voice in recovery January 28, 2010

As you probably know by now, i am a recovering bulimic, and am always looking for ways to support others in the recovery process, as well as looking for advice and insight on my own recovery.  I follow weightless (http://blogs.psychcentral.com/weightless/2010/01/qa-on-eating-disorder-recovery-with-kendra-a-voice-in-recovery-part-2/) which features thoughtful interviews with people in the recovery process.    


A problem that eating disorders have in the media is their portrayal.   It, like dieting, is often seen as a “willpower”  issue, when it’s so much more than that (much like dieting)   “I do worry more about trash media articles, because often the articles sound cliché, and make it sound like eating disorders are a willpower issue and not a complicated biological, chemical, cultural, environmental disorder.”   Also, everyone sees the wasting waif that is the face of anorexia….but put me in a line up and you wouldn’t be able to go “HER…thats the bulimic”   That is one of the MANY pitfalls of judging a person by their weight.   Tell me to “lose weight fatty”  and not so long ago it would throw me into a crying tailspin where I would purge everything I ate for 3 months.   Hell I have even had relatives tell me to just be bulimic for 3 months so you lose 30 lbs so you can get out there and date after my husband left me (thanks insensitive bitch!)   If I am skinny and its after 1994, it’s NOT because of a successful diet….its because I throw up.  ITs when I get “fat” again that I am healthy, not living in a hell with my worth being defined as a number at the convergence of calories in, exercise, willpower, and hatred.. 

This particular article is with Kendra, the head of A voice of Recovery on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/AVoiceinRecovery) and she had some awesome things to say about ed, recovery and advocacy.  First, she lashes out at the diet industry, which is the root of poor body image in oh so many women. ” I worry that because dieting is running rampant in this country by a multi-billion dollar industry, that parents will see dieting as a girl’s “right of passage.” I worry people will start dieting and end up with eating disorders. I believe the diet industry is a very damaging, powerful industry.”  that is why diet ads, ESPICALLY to those in recovery can be so toxic….it’s really hard to ignore all the “lose weight fatty or no one will love you” messages in the media…or worse yet “lose weight fatty or your gonna DIIIEEEEEEEE” (i think i want a t-shirt with that on it, as a caption for a picture of receipts for diet food) that is the new special hell in the media for ed folks.   Because EVERY diet becomes restriction, and for those with and ed, this can mean relapse.

She also talks about the lack of information for those RECOVERED….you hear all these stories about the bravery of women going into ED treatment, but you don’t see the reality out the other side…..IT can feel hopelessly long, and hard, and damn near impossible.   The media, ESPICALLY for bulimia, doesn’t really talk about the long term effects….for me, my ED is becoming VERY real as my teeth fall out one by one….before the of 40.   I also have digestion issues and acid reflux disease (from all my purging, my tummy ph is all messed up) and a horrid gag reflex.   She too talks on her issues (which the media never covers for bulimics, or if they do it’s an aside, cause we aren’t SKINNY so its ok) 

“I do have a LOT of dental issues. I was a kid who never had cavities, always had white teeth, and I now struggle with cavities, gum damage, etc. I also have a lot of digestive problems. Since I abused laxatives, I have a hard time processing foods. I also restricted and threw up so much food that I have acid reflux, and issues with eating certain types of foods.” 

They don’t tell you that you can never enjoy orange juice (bottled sunshine) again without pain.  Or red sauce (at least for me). 

Kendra also talks on how people can help loved ones with an ed.   Like with alcoholism, its really hard to help someone stop when they don’t WANT to stop.   You have to have that Aha! moment.  It’s important to remember, folks may NOT want help.  “Also – this disorder lies:  Often while you think a loved one may need help, the person struggling will not and sometimes cannot see this. Try not to lash out with frustration, and understand that it is a very complicated disorder, and it is normal for the person struggling to not want help, be unwilling to stop behaviors and may get very angry at any suggestion of help.”

It’s people like her that give me the courage to take it one day at a time, step by step into recovery.  Sometimes all you can say is “I will try again tomorrow”


the scales can lie hidden fat /headdesk January 26, 2010


i refuse to join their website and pay to see the article but i will link what is available…..boy does THIS piss me off.  so now even the skinny are fat….like fat is a new term for unhealthly…..

“Can you be normal weight and fat at the same time? (wtf kinda questing is that……isnt the definition of fat mean “overweight”)

That’s the implication of a provocative recent report from the Mayo Clinic, which suggests that fat in your body can get you and your heart into trouble even if you don’t look fat and if the scale tells you you’re healthy.”

wow just wow…now skinnies have to worry about this mystery fat that will hurt your body…lets just market diet products to a bigger and bigger audience, a wider and wider range. not fat?  you might be deep down inside,  so diet!  buy our products…theres no money in us being healthy and happy, we have to hate ourselves, fear what we eat and pay for drugs, diet food and gym memberships (just 29.99 with a contract!)    /headdesk until I bleed.


quick quote – fattened by pills January 25, 2010

“It is striking that the weight of many Americans has ballooned just as the prescribing of psychiatric drugs has surged. The Obesity Society categorizes nearly two-thirds of adult Americans as overweight, the average weight of an adult having increased since 1960 by 25 pounds, and between 1996 and 2006 alone, prescriptions of psychiatric drugs for US adults increased 73 percent.”  from http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/magazine/articles/2010/01/24/fattened_by_pills/

others have snarked on it much more than i but it bears repeating.   i think that this statistic, this, coupled with the aging of thew baby boomers, can attribute like 98% of the weight gain found in this obesity craze.  the other 2% i leave to food like THIS (http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/product/bacon_exotic_candy_bar/exotic_candy_bars)   and THIS (http://www.recipezaar.com/Deep-Fried-Snickers-70068)  (joking, joking)


Fat bottomed girls are A-OK: new study finds pear shape protects against heart disease. January 24, 2010

In my skimmings this week I found this article http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/01/100116104535.htm and forgot about it till today when I found it in my to do folder.  

The tone of the article annoyed me, what  with the “worrying if your bum looks big in this”  but its research appeared to be sound, and the finding really nothing surprising…We have known for years that the “bellyfat”  aka apple shape seen more on the male body shape is worse for you than the “womanly” fat of hips and butt (aka pear shaped).  This study, done by a team from the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism (OCDEM)  published their summary of the latest research in the International Journal of Obesity.  In fact their findings was not only is it better for you to be pear shaped than apple shaped, but it is ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU.   “However, it is only very recently that thigh fat and a larger hip circumference have been shown to promote health, that lower body fat is protective by itself.” says Dr Konstantinos Manolopoulos, one of the paper’s authors along with Dr Fredrik Karpe and Professor Keith Frayn.  wait you mean that lower bottom fat is GOOD for me?     he goes on to add that this protection is INDEPENDENT of weight.  

….and then he {of course) mentions that ‘Control of body weight is still the best way to stay healthy, and the advice remains the same: it is important to eat less and exercise more.’   wait wait…didnt you just tell me that a fat ass was ok…in fact good for me?

Basically, for you tecchies out there, both areas, waist and butt/thigh can store fat…..its easier to lose it off the waist, but that is not really a good thing..fat around the waist is much more active in storing and releasing fatty acids in response to need throughout the day. Thigh fat is used for much longer term storage.  (side note….isnt belly fat eaiser to lose too?)  but thigh fat and butt fat trap the fatty acids longer term, meaning less fatty acids in the blood to build up around organs and muscles, which is what leads to diabetes.   (so fatty acids realised by losing the fat in our bellies causes harm….hummm)  waist fat also releases cytokines which leads to inflammation and things like heart disease……(and the cytokines caused by losing belly fat causes inflamation…which leads to heart attacks and strokes.,……double hummmmm)    What they don’t come out and tell you, but you can see by reading between the lines (or my parentheses)  is….yoyo dieting, caused by loss and gain of belly fat causes heart attacks, diabetes, ect…….

it amazes me that studies can look at these issues and not see the correlations….they are soo busy looking at OMG GET SKINNY that they don’t look at their own data in an unbiased way.


Diets dont work..DUH! quick link

A new metastudy by UCLA (is THAT a big enough name for you to pay attention to media?  or are you  going to ignore it as usual?)  For one i dont have to be snarky and i will use their own words, but the highlighted emphasis is mine.

Here’s a story that can hardly be called news, but it bears repeating.  Diets do not work.  This latest revelation’s according to a report in the April issue of the journal American Psychologist.  Researchers at UCLA did a meta analysis, a study of 31 other long-term studies. Here’s a story that can hardly be called news, but it bears repeating.  Diets do not work.  This latest revelation’s according to a report in the April issue of the journal American Psychologist.  Researchers at UCLA did a meta analysis, a study of 31 other long-term studies.  They think this research included every study that followed people on diets for two to five years.   And they found that the majority of people regain all weight lost and then some.  And that they would have been better off in the long run simply maintaining their heavier weight rather than stress the body by losing it and gaining it back.