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Blatant plagerizing: repost from comments February 19, 2010

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Ok so over at BFD they are talking about stigmatization and how it relates to fat people and the disabled.   you can find the OP here (http://www.bigfatblog.com/how-fat-people-are-john-locke)  but what i loved (and had to repost it for all to see, incase you were out of sanity points and missed the posts)  was posted by a person named richie 79 (and by all means if i SHOULDNT be reposting this someone tell me and ill take it down, i am still fairly new to this whole blogging game and never wanna step on anybody’s toes) .  

“Sexual orientation was once considered a matter of choice; when it became increasingly clear that it wasn’t it was then medicalised and viewed as a ‘sickness’ to be cured (much in the way some researchers are now accepting the genetic basis of weight only to dream up new methods of manipulating the genome to regulate it). A case in the UK where a Goth girl was beaten to death by ‘chavs’ rightly provoked outrage that someone should have their individual right to dress as they wished constrained by the fear of violence, yet when a fat woman was violently attacked on a train, the general response to her anger was ‘well it serves you right – don’t be fat’.

Many of those defending the marginalisation of fat people as being our own fault claim that they’re prepared to make exceptions for those whose size is caused by medication, illness or disability. But of course without compelling fat people to wear their medical histories round their necks with a ‘Good Fatty’ sign, this is no more obvious to the casual observer than whether the guy in the wheelchair ended up there by getting behind the wheel drunk or being in the wrong place at the wrong time when said drunk guy decided to drive home. The fact remains that without knowing a person no stranger is qualified to judge them or make assumptions based on appearance – PERIOD.

And so I’m not exactly sure where I stand re. the focus on ‘choice’. There’s certainly compelling evidence (in the form of twin studies, adoption studies, inter-generational mapping etc) that our weight is primarily an inherited characteristic governed by the genetic lottery. One study suggested it could be as much as 77% heritable, with environment accounting for the remainder (unfortunately other researchers then seized upon that 13% to argue that naturally fat people need only ‘work harder’, living on lettuce and carrot sticks and spending all their free time in the gym, to be accepted – very easy to say from the position of thin privilege these ‘experts’ invariably occupy).”



yet another diet drug shown to be bad for you January 21, 2010

So the fda had forced Meridia, a popular weight loss prescription, marketed as a way to lose weight “for your health” , to issues a warning.  ”  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said the drug’s manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories, has agreed to revise Meridia’s label to add the new warning.  Specifically, the drug should not be used by people with a history of coronary artery disease (e.g., heart attack, angina), stroke or transient ischemic attack, heart arrhythmias, congestive heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, or uncontrolled high blood pressure”  Inst that why we fatties are supposed to lose weight in the first place?  I mean if you are over 300 lbs, don’t you already have heart disease because you are OMG DEATHFAT?!?!?!?!


I love how the diet industries want to push this weight = bad but EVERY SINGLE  THING they market either doesn’t work( 95% of diets fail, even WEIGHT WATCHERS says that) , is simply glorified speed and gives you a heart attack(as in ever diet pill to date, except alli, that just makes you poop oil), or they cut your stomach in half?  THOSE are my options?   for my HEALTH?   WHy dont i just go buy a pound of meth and clean my house while I am at it.  JEEZ.