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Foody blogging September 14, 2010

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well im back. sorry for the hiatus…things just got…overwhelming..to say the least. I’ve started blogging again bi weekly over Fierce Freethinking Fatties…and wnat to find a way to get back in the groove here again. I will try to post 2x weekly but i cant promise anything.

As part of trying to blog more i am going to start including foods that no person would EVER think a fatty consumes. But i do so on a regular basis. Not trying to advocate for weight loss or anything…..jsut trying out new foods. Todays star: quinoa. it’s an Incan grain (gogo love of south american archaeology…good at breakfast (do it up sweet) or at dinner (make it savory). it’s the only grain that is a complete protein all on its own (gogo vegans).

you cook it like rice: 1c grain to 2c water, add seasoning to the water, bring to a boil, then reduce and simmer covered for 15-20 min, or until it looks like the quinoa sprouted and all the liquid is gone. This morning I added a cut up apple, a handful of cranberries, cinnamon and ginger, salt and about a teaspoon of butter. yummy!


8 Responses to “Foody blogging”

  1. Tehomet Says:

    Welcome back.

    And the quinoa sounds great. I must try it. 😀

  2. Twistie Says:

    Mmmm… quinoa. I love quinoa. Very tasty stuff.

  3. maneoplyse Says:

    Yeah, quinoa is great and all, but is it possible for the fat bloggers to stop using hyperbole in regards to how “everyone” sees us fatties? Here: “[. . .] I am going to start including foods that no person would EVER think a fatty consumes.” Yeah I’m sure many fatties didn’t know about quinoa but I’m certain there are as many or more non-fatties (or what-ever you want to call them) that have never heard of quinoa either.

    As a fat woman, I recognize that yeah, fat people are picked on, but I don’t think most people look at us fatties and assume we only eat McDonald’s, but I do see this assumption in MANY blogs on “Notes From The Fatosphere.” In fact, I can’t help but wonder if an individual makes this assumption about how others see them, does this cause the Universe to respond by sending meanie fatty-haters in their direction? This and The Rotunds inability to separate “diet” mentality from the “diet”, i.e. the food we eat, is making me want to stop reading Notes, in fact, it almost makes me want to be its antithesis. I love my body as it is RIGHT NOW and it is fat, but, that could change, because things do change. And no matter what future changes occur–I could get fatter, I could get skinnier, I might stay the same–I will still love my body and I really don’t care what other people think about it. I don’t care if they talk about it, critique it or whatever–it will have no influence on what I eat. When I choose when and where I talk about my body, and I do because I like a solid mind-body connection.

    This talk about how others see us fatties is as much problem to developing a healthy attitude about food as “diets” are.

    I think its great that you are bringing new foods to our attention but can you do so without assuming how you think you/me/fatties are perceived?


    Fat Woman

    • erylin Says:

      all i can go by is my experience in my life…and most people…my family included..seem to think i do noithing but eat cheese, crackers, chips and twinkies all day. part of my individual path to self acceptance (which i still struggle with daily, i am coming out of the throws of bulimia) is to rally against this perception. I realize that many people are NOT in the position i am in….and i am sorry if offence was found.
      I wish (i really do) that i COULD love my body without all the “but” (but i eat right, but i am exersizing but but but). i am really working toward unconditional self love, but not everyone is at that place. I am working on yoga to find that mind body connection.
      and anything i write is going to be spun through my perception….my blog is something of a self journey for me, a way to deal with my eating disorder in a way that doesnt involve a 6 week in house stay (which doesnt really work for adults anyway) Right now i am going through a BUT I AM A GOOD FATTY phase…and you know what? that is perfectly ok

  4. Rachel Says:

    I love quinoa! (Though the cashier working at Whole Foods
    told me it was pronounced “keen-wah” not “kwi-no-ah.”)

    I love red quinoa especially, it’s cheaper when bought in bulk,
    but remember to rinse it thoroughly before cooking to get all the
    saponin off! It’s a wonderful and versatile grain chock full of
    nutrition. I prefer red or pearl quinoa to rice these days.

  5. JeanC Says:

    Welcome back 🙂

    Quinoa is delish and something I should be cooking with more. I am in a bit of a rut at the moment cooking-wise. Have to lay in quinoa and a few other “exotic” grains for cooking with to get my repertoire expanded again.

    I seriously love to food blog, usually with some killer pics I took myself if I remember to snap off a few before diving to whatever yummy dish I’ve prepared for immediate feasting LOL!

  6. Hi, I really enjoyed visiting your site and reading the interesting articles and comments that are posted here. Nice job, keep up the good work. VJ 🙂

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