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Quick hits round up 3 March 15, 2010

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Time for a quick hit round-up.  As usual trigger warnings on all of this and beware the links…many are not exactly fat friendly, but much of it is interesting stuff.

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/03/100309111641.htm low-income women in small towns more likely to be obese.

Dzewaltowski said the findings indicate that the choice of supermarkets may be a more relevant issue than the availability of supermarkets. The findings also suggest that most of the low-income women reside within the urban cluster of the micropolitan areas and are likely to be exposed to multiple fast food restaurants and other high-caloric density eating opportunities, which are often absent in rural areas.

The researchers said policies that increase the accessibility of healthful foods at small grocery stores might be a promising strategy for reducing the higher prevalence of obesity in rural areas.

Stomach’s Sweet Tooth  Turns out taste is not just for the tongue (from http://www.sciencenews.org/view/feature/id/57132/title/Stomach%E2%80%99s_Sweet_Tooth)
              Turns out there are taste buds in the gut and it seems that these gut taste buds have some link to insulin and its use in the body.   There are taste cells in the stomach, intestine and, evidence suggests, the pancreas, colon and esophagus. These sensory cells are part of an ancient battalion tasked with guiding food choices since long before nutrition labels, Rachael Ray or even agriculture existed. While taste cells in the mouth make snap judgments about what should be let inside, new work suggests that gut taste cells serve as specialized ground forces, charged with preparing the digestive system for the aftermath of the tongue’s decisions. 
              Newly discovered taste cells in the gut appear to send a “prepare for fuel” message to the body, a finding that may explain a link between diet soda and diabetes risk.  Not so sure what this means for obesity, weight loss  or metabolism as of yet, the research is just beginning.  I will be keeping a close eye on this research.  stay tuned.  My Guess – some new pill to melt away the pounds using the new proven science of GUT taste buds.   Bitter will become the new Atkins diet since it sends DO NOT ABSORB signals when tasted by the gut.  bah.

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