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oh how i have been betrayed March 13, 2010

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If you didn’t know already I love food porn shows.  Anthony Bordain is my favorite…i love his almost beat-poetry narrative, his rock and roll sensibility, his willingness to try any food, be it high-end or drunken street vendors, his leather jacket and hair that reminds me of my father. And, until today, his show is free of fatty fatty 2 x 4 narritive…he partakes in whole pigs and bitter beer with wild abandon, greasy fingers and all.  

Until today.   One of his guests on his current show is about food bloggers…and one of the bloggers was scared into giving up is heart, his soul, his livelyhood….they forced him onto a diet because of a heart attack and cholesterol problem.   So while Anthony Bordain….fucking rock and roll king who MADE it….has his own food network show and everything is there, giving an interview to you about your favorite burger….and he has to eat a fucking greek salad and apologize and give the good-fatty-imma-loose-weight docta! ™  spiel.   DAMMIT.    this is food netowork…im supposued to be (relatively) free of this fat hate (especially with tivo to filter out diet commercials), this constant bombardment.   If I wanted to watch diet food I wouldnt tune into to Bordain….he’s sheer food porn…But i guess I don’t get to enjoy my food porn without a fatty disclaimer anymore.

After the commercial break he goes onto say HIS doctor has made him go on a diet too.   HIM.   Bordain is not what i would call obese.   I guess, in a way Bordain proves what HAES proponents have been saying all along.   You CAN be skinny and unhealthy.   Bordain is by no means obese….hes motorcycle/rocker cool, whipcord and lean….but he proves that eating fried pork skin and sausages with beer and smokes for a living is hard on the old ticker, the plumbing system in the body. 

Interestingly all the direct to the audience narrative that usually goes on is his shows is there….as he butchers a whole pig on camera….A little heavy-handed with the symbolism, no?

I feel betrayed.   One more not so safe place.  I know I shouldnt, I feel the saving grace of Bordain admitting even he with his unhealthy love of all things pork is UNhealthy though skinny.  But the food porn has been marred with OMG EAT BETTER YOU ARE GONNA DIEEEEEEEE.    I guess it’s better the fatty fatty 2×4 gonna drop dead on the kitchen floor media hype of the OMGZ OBESITY EPIDEMPIC.


10 Responses to “oh how i have been betrayed”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    I was completely turned off to bourdain after seeing this video. If you don’t want to hate him forever, I recommend not watching it.

    • Meems Says:

      I knew Anthony Bourdain was anti-fat, but hadn’t seen this clip before. I couldn’t even get through a minute of it. Both should shut up about things they clearly don’t understand on any level.

  2. silentbeep Says:

    I like bourdain but he’s been pretty anti-fat for a long time. Sadly, I’m not surprised.

  3. JeanC Says:

    I started watching Bourdain after he did his show from Beirut. Before that I thought he was a complete ass, but after his experience in Beirut, he seemed to have changed. Then the episode with Ted Nugent and they pretty much said fat people should shut up, slither off and die since we didn’t deserve to live and offend them by being seen.

    So no Bourdain nor Nugent in our house any more. We pretty much don’t watch anything on Food TV either, just Ace of Cakes and Good Eats (and even GE is starting to sound diet preachy since AB lost weight). I want food porn with no moralising. Moralising kills my appetite 😛

    • erylin Says:

      i agree with you on good eats…i LOVED Alton Brown’s psuedo-scientific take on cooking…then with the new “prechy” stuff this year i took it off tivo. I still love Iron chef covered by him but i watch food network for recipe ideas, not diet tips…i do belive that there are at least 4 other “girl” stastions where the fat hating deit talk can reign supreme.

  4. Bronxgirl1 Says:

    I agree with you. Food channels should just be about the food. However this negative message about fat people and good food versus bad food seems to be eveywhere.

    I was watching Best Thing I Ever Ate on food network the other day, and in each segment the person went on about how tasty but bad the food was or how unhealthy and tasty it was. I kept thinking to myself what does it mean when on the food channel of all places they are trying to talk you out of eating food. It is disgraceful.

  5. Jackie Says:

    Yeah, Bourdain has gotten my goat before–how about that time in the Greek Isles where he talked about how apparently America isn’t the ‘only’ place to produce fat people en masse. Or how he ripped on the owner of Au Pied du Cochon in Montreal for being fat? There’s been multiple others, I say usually two/season. I say that because I still watch it. I love his show. With a passion. If it was something that I only liked I would have stopped watching years ago. But, he’s so right about so many other things. I like to think he’s not perfect, just one of many brainwashed by the moral panic. And, he’s a total elitist–not sure if you’ve read his books, but he’s upper-crust and has cruised through life on his privilege…upper-class america=a bastion of fat hate. I don’t know, it still pisses me off, but I think that if he were my friend I would sit him down and have the talk. But since he’s not, and there’s such a paltry amount of decent television out there, I put up with it because I know he’s wrong. For now, that could always change.

  6. notblueatall Says:

    I, too have been betrayed by the Bourdain! When I saw the vid with him and Ted Nugent (EW!) I lost it and refused to watch my husband’s fave show from then on. It’s too bad, but when you live a certain way you just can’t see the other side I guess.

  7. Sandi Says:

    A junkie alcoholic with a nicotine addiction wants to render judgment on others for their eating habits. Bourdain, you’re pathetic.

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