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Starve the fat babies part 2 March 11, 2010

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More craziness in the world of childhood obesity.    A study by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers found that obese children as young as 3 years old have elevated levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation that in adults is considered an early warning sign for possible future heart disease.  Great….lets get junior on statin meds.    The study also found elevated levels of the ratio of ferritin/transferrin saturation (F/T) and the absolute neutrophil count (ANC) — in obese children. Elevated F/T levels started at age 6 and elevated ANC levels were found starting at age 9.

the study was huge too….the study was published online March 1 by the journal Pediatrics. Skinner and fellow Department of Pediatrics researchers Eliana Perrin, M.D., M.P.H., Michael Steiner, M.D. and Frederick Henderson, M.D. arrived at these findings after analyzing data collected as part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) from 1999 to 2006.

Their analysis included data from 16,335 children ages 1-17 years, who were grouped into four categories based on their body mass index (BMI): healthy weight, overweight, obese and very obese. Under this scheme, a 3.5-year-old who is 39 inches tall and weighs 34 pounds would be in the healthy weight category while a child of the same age and height weighing 43 pounds would be considered very obese. In the group of children analyzed, nearly 70 percent were healthy weight, 15 percent were overweight, 11 percent were obese and 3.5 percent were very obese.

More and more, i think the data is showing the genetic heritability of obeisty….it is all well and good to blame fat people for their weight and health….but 3 year olds?   6 year olds?  Are their parents REALLY feeding them buckets of lard, or so weak willed they let them eat boxes of cookies?  come on get real.  The article goes on to talk about early intervention…..what are we gonna do make 3 year olds run on a treadmill and not eat meat?   /headdesk


3 Responses to “Starve the fat babies part 2”

  1. Meems Says:

    Studies like this totally confuse me. Hasn’t it been well established that BMI is useless in children? I mean, they’re growing for fuck’s sake!

  2. jenincanada Says:

    Exactly, Meems. BMI and worrying about childrens’ weight is a futile effort. And besides SO WHAT if fat children grow up to be fat adults? Being fat is OK.

  3. I would love to see my 4-year-old up over 40lb so we can get her out of the 5-point restraint and into just a booster seat. She’ll be so much more comfortable on long trips.

    But, no matter how much butter I add to her pasta, or cheese I melt on her veggies, or cookies we bake and eat together, or tv programs we sit idly in front of, she simply refuses to budge from the line her growth curve has been tracing since birth.

    Just a guess? But I’m betting anyone tracking those ‘early interventions’ is going to find that they don’t change much. Just a guess.

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