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The winner for most rediculous study title EVER: March 2, 2010

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Childhood Obesity Prevention Should Begin Early in Life, Possibly Before Birth (from http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/03/100301091423.htm)

really?   we have to put EMBRYOS on diets now?  this is just plain rediculous….reading the article brings up a few good points though…..before descending into “minorities and poor people are fat and have fat babies” syndrome….First, that the new Michelle Obama anti childhood obesity starts at age 8, and according to new research, we get OMG fat by 3 months (see my article https://erylin.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/obesity-tipping-point-as-low-as-3-months-diet-formula-for-you-baby/)

Most obesity prevention programs — including the national initiative recently launched by First Lady Michelle Obama — target kids age 8 and older. Scientists at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute’s Department of Population Medicine, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, now say that factors that place children at higher risk for obesity begin at infancy, and in some cases, during pregnancy. Their research also suggests that risk factors such as poor feeding practices, insufficient sleep and televisions in bedrooms are more prevalent among minority children than white children.

The article basically goes on to call out obesity as a class issue…blaming fat on being black or hispanic (um duh, they are poorer on average too), being fat when getting pregnant and poor pregnancy nutrition.    Babies to poor (and minority)  kids tend to be born smaller, gain more weight after birth (when your doctor is pushing you to get your low birth weight baby fatter), and eat solid foods sooner (a poor mother or a single mother can’t afford to take a year off and breast feed…and i know very few offices, retail places or restaurants that will deal with a breastfeeding mother)

Fatter kids also sleep less – if you are poor, you work till late, then you pick up the kids…and eat dinner when 7, 8p?  then homework and shower…its 9 or 10p before you can get to bed….and then you have to be up by 6 so you can get the kids to daycare by 7 so you can be at work by 8….see the vicious cycle? 

Fatter kids (and minority kids and poor kids)  eat  more fast food….well, what mom WOULDNT buy Mc. Donalds…its 5 mins on the way home (and you can eat it in route)  instead of at least 30 min for a home cooked meal…AFTER you get home.  Time to a mother, especially a single, poor working mother, is a precious commodity.  Say you work 9-5.   You live 20 min from work.   I’ll even say our mom has only ONE child.   the school is 5 min away and starts at 9:15.   well, you have to leave for work by 8:30 to be on time… so you have to drop your son off at 8:20 to be safe…that means paying for before school care (usually around 100$ a week)   you have to leave your house at 8:10 to get to the school on time…..so you better be up by 7a to get you and your son ready for school and work.  You get off at 5…so you get to the school by 5:40p to pick up the kids….meaning you don’t hit your house till 5:50.   Assuming you start cooking IMMEDIATELY when you hit the door (and you wont, you just got home…you have to put up your coat and bag, your kids coat and bag….and check homework.)  The earliest dinner can be is 6:20, and that is a fast throw together type of meal…even if you had a crock pot going all day it still takes 10 min to assemble it all and get sitting down to dinner. I have seen article that suggest eating fast causes us to be fat so let’s make sure we eat slowly at dinner, taking 40 min to eat…now its 7p.  bedtime is 8:30 for the kiddo…so you have 1.5 hours to do homework, bathe him and do any serious parenting talks (drugs, sex, money weeeeee!!!!!!!!!) before he goes to bed.   After our darling baby boy is in bed the single mother isn’t done…she has to do laundry, clean the house, clean the kitchen and do any leftover work from her job….before she goes to bed …only to repeat the whole thing the next day.   Time is precious.    I’m a stay at home mom and often am running from dawn till bed….it would only be worse if i had to work too…..and this scenario assume that a poor single mom would be working a 9-5 job….more likely its retail sales so its 10a-7 or 8p….or nursing (7a-3p, or 3p-11p) or fast food (anytime day or night).

the article tried to say it adjusted for socioeconomic status…..but how? (the article never said how, they just blamed it on “intergenerational — for example, the grandmother in the home is influencing how her daughter feeds her own child”   how do you adjust for lack of time….i know, you(fat haters) just call it LAZY!   all those fat single moms are just to lazy to cook a good healthy meal (that they can’t afford to buy the ingredients to begin with)


New feature: manic mondays

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Mondays are crazy for me…I get to spend at least 4 hours in the car running kids to lessons, picking up the boyfriend, groceries, cleaning up from the kids all weekend ect.   I am finding it hard to find time to post…luckily I have been stashing away some HILARIOUS Weight Watchers cards…from the 70’s.   I figure I will post a few every monday…and whoever can come up with the best snark wins!   fun for all for my manic mondays…at least we get to laugh at our food!  

 and for today i present to you:   the wiener roast, 70’s style (i found this over at www.failfoods.com they are HILARIOUS check them out)

Crown Roast of Frankfurters


So I’m having a hard time figuring out what is filling the glorious frankenfuter crown roast (rofl I laughed till I cried when I first saw this) Is it cabbage?  onions?  lettuce? And I’m guessing the red could be peppers…  Nice use of parsley though. 

 And why the hell is there an urn with a cow on it there?   aren’t weiners pork usually?  Maybe its a funerary urn and this is the traditional funereal food of weight watchers in 1974. 

I wonder about the directions?   how do they hold it together? (i am guessing toothpicks)  I have no idea how this food is “diet”   it comes with no calorie content, no nutritional information, no fiber content listing.