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Children’s Fitness Can Be Improved By Physical Activity Programs In Schools February 24, 2010

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um duh!  I just wish they wouldn’t couch it in OMG HELP THE FATTIES terms.    When I was in school, I remember having 2 recesses a day, each was about 40 min long….AND gym 3 x a week…now kids get to go out 1x to recess, and for some kids, that gets taken away as a punishment, so there is no movement at all,  all day  long…they have gym 1 day a week.  just one.   I am ALLL for gym 5x a week…and recess 2x a day…but lets not blame it on the fatties shall we?  we have kids getting served hamburgers and fries as a lunch option EVERY DAY at some schools….ketchup was made a vegetable for schools (under Bush I belive, and I do belive it is now OFF the veggie list but still)   OF COURSE our kids are fatter…they lost 1/2 or more of their play time per day.   THe kids that are better at storing energy (ie the Fat ones) will just start storing it….    and I see something of a vicious cycle too…if fatties are “stupid” and do bad at school (like oh so much of the world wants to portray us)…then they lose their recess…..thereby LOSING the only time they have to go outside and run around and play (my kids teachers regularly takes recess away as a punishment) ……  /headdesk

oh but wait…i am a fat activist…im supposed to be AGAINST exercise in school right?  no im against exercise in school that shames fat kids and makes them feel awful….im against exercise for ONLY the fatties….give ALL our kids a chance at running around outside and playing more, not just the kids who can afford to go to active lessions after school.



2 Responses to “Children’s Fitness Can Be Improved By Physical Activity Programs In Schools”

  1. Katie Says:

    I think the ketchup is a vegetable was actually Reagan. But your point is very valid.

  2. Anna Says:

    I just wish they would have more exercise that wasn’t about winning all the damn time. I hated sport until, well, last year because it was all about winning instead of having fun.

    I remember the few times we were allowed to seperate into our own groups and I could stay with my friends and people at my own fitness level, I really enjoyed sport. Being able to laugh when you fell over was so much better than being shouted at.

    I’d love to see a system where they say “Ok, super competitive kids, you can come over here, and if you want a more easygoing game, head over there.”

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