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Quick hit: teenager suicides after fat shaming February 20, 2010

from http://m.news.com.au/MostPopularNews/pg/0/fi465542.htm;jsessionid=D75FEACBC2EB3860E319D2DFF0DAC22D

what is it going to take for people to think that fat shaming is a big deal?   (Warning may be triggering, espically for those that were bullied)



TEENAGE waitress committed suicide after relentless bullying by her co-workers, court is told. Brodie Panlock, 19, was spat on, called fat and ugly and, on one occasion, had fish oil poured all over her hair and clothes. One tormentor even told her to take rat poison. Ms Panlock, who worked at Cafe Vamp in Melbourne, jumped to her death in September 2006.

Former Vamp employees Nicholas Smallwood, Rhys MacAlpine and Gabriel Toomey have all pleaded guilty in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to failing to take reasonable care for the health and safety of persons. The cafe’s owner, Marc Luis Da Cruz, and his company MAP Foundation have pleaded guilty to two charges, including failing to provide and maintain a safe working environment. The court was crowded with Ms Panlock’s friends and family as they heard distressing details of her ordeal.

 Prosecutor Gary Livermore told a pre-sentence hearing that witnesses had seen several of the accused pour fish oil into Ms Panlock’s kitbag and then pour it over her, reducing her to tears. They had also called her fat and ugly and spat on her. Magistrate Peter Lauritsen was told that Ms Panlock had tried to commit suicide in May 2006 by taking rat poison after being rejected by Smallwood, with whom she’d had an intimate relationship. Mr Livermore said that after that incident rat poison was put in her bag, and MacAlpine had told her to go and take it.

 At a coroner’s hearing in 2008, Meghan Chester, a former barista at Cafe Vamp, said Ms Panlock had no confidence in her beauty or worth. “I have worked in the hospitality industry for 10 years, but I have never seen anything like what those … males did to Brodie,” Ms Chester said. In the statement read to the court, Ms Chester said that the accused had taken bullying “to another level”. Ms Panlock’s father told the court that he was devastated that he was not able to protect her. “As a father, one of my main duties to my family was to protect my wife and children – I feel very upset I couldn’t protect Brodie from what she went through,” he said. Her mother said that she had been on medication since her death and found it difficult to sleep. “Brodie was such a big part of my life,” she said.

 Da Cruz told the court that his family was shattered by Ms Panlock’s death and he had put his restaurant up for sale and was intending to move to Queensland. The pre-sentence hearing is continues.

Is THIS enough?   She killed herself because you told her to because she’s too fat….Happy now trolls?  Is the only good fatty a dead fatty?   Bet your ass if it had been because she was gay,…. or because she was black or because she was disabled…. or because she was a woman it would have been different.   It would have made worldwide news, and people would have called it MURDER or manslaughter not “failure to take reasonable care for the health and safety of persons”   oh, but wait you want to say being fat is a choice?  well so is being muslim….or chirstian…or jewish…..so jihad right?   /headdesk

And the worst part?  she was 19…at WORK.   ITs supposed to get EASIER after high school…we are all adults right?  apparently not….and apparnetly your boss will look on and giggle too, or they wouldn’t be charged (and found guilty) as well.   THIS is the face of anti-fat bias people.   Look at it……then DO something about it.

RIP Brodie Panlock….i hope you can find peace.


5 Responses to “Quick hit: teenager suicides after fat shaming”

  1. sannanina Says:

    This is very sad and upsetting (and also brings back memories of when I was bullied…) but I do take issue with your statement that it would be different if it would have been due to her belonging to another marginalized group. One example: One of my former professors is gay and has gotten all kinds of shit because of it (ranging from people complaining that he displays his sexual orientation “too openly” to actual death threats) – and very people are outraged, mostly because they simply don’t believe it. I think this is a major problem with discrimination – a lot of people won’t engage in blatantly discriminatory acts (though they certainly discriminate on a more subtle level) – however, they also won’t believe the victims of discrimination.

  2. bri Says:

    This happened in my state here in Australia. It is horrible. But there does seem to be some movement re heavier penalties for work place bullying as a result (dispicable that it takes a suicide for politicians to start listening though).

    Oh, could we get a trigger warning on this one too please?

  3. Tehomet Says:

    That is such a sad story and I hope the poor lady rests in peace. I am not surprised, though, that the case is seeing legal action for bullying rather than manslaughter or murder, purely on the basis that it would be hard to prove the latter charges (however I might feel about their being justified). I hope the people who tormented Brodie and the boss who let her be tormented – just as culpable – are convicted and receive the maximum penalty. No one really takes bullying seriously and it really is a serious crime.

  4. JennyRose Says:

    This is just devastating. My heart goes out to the people who loved her. I too only thought kids could be that mean. I hope the public is being generally sympathetic and not blaming this on Brodie herself.

  5. Anteprepro Says:

    “Bet your ass if it had been because she was gay,…. or because she was black or because she was disabled…. or because she was a woman it would have been different.”

    The last one: “If it had been…because she was a woman it would have been different”. I disagree: because part of the reason for this disgusting bullying is because she not only committed the grave offense of being “fat”, but committed the even graver offense of being “fat” while being a woman. It’s right there in the news article: She was called “ugly”. She was taunted with rat poison by one of her male co-workers after she had a relationship with another male co-worker (and after she had attempted suicide with rat poison previously). And the article stated that “she had no confidence in her beauty”. Do you think, for one moment, that the concern about physical appearance would be the route that these manchildren would mock a fellow employee if the employee were a “fat” male? When it is men, they are mocked for their weight, but only for their weight. When it is women, they are mocked not just for their weight, but for this weight supposedly making them less physically attractive. And, due to related pressures, they feel like inherently less of a person, because the most important aspect of women in the Patriarchy is being pretty. All other things are just compensations for lack of the All-Important Beauty.

    In other words: Make no mistake; the fact that she was a woman was in fact a major factor in the viciousness and type of mockery she received at the hands of these bullies. And it also factored into her perception of how important this aspect of herself was. The double standards our society has in regards to gender are even worse than normal when looking at the issue of body weight, and that is very much in play in this story.

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