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Obesity tipping point as low as 3 months….DIET formula for you baby! February 11, 2010

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“The research suggests that the “tipping point” in obesity often occurs before two years of age, and sometimes as early as three months, when the child is learning how much and what to eat.” (from http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/02/100211121832.htm)

now read that again….THREE MONTHS old…they want us to watch our THREE month olds…not years but MONTHS…..lots of babies i know are trying desperately to gain ENOUGH weight at that age……and kids grow…they get all fat, then they inch out…but every time their bmi spikes we need to rush to the doctor to get them on diet formula (it has NOTHING to do with formula in the first place now does it?) 

The researchers examined records from a pediatric practice of 111 children whose body mass index (BMI) exceeded 85 percent of the general population. Researchers determined that these children had started gaining weight in infancy at an average rate of .08 excess BMI units per month. On average, this progression began when the children were three months old. Over half the children became overweight at or before age 2 and 90 percent before reaching their 5th birthday.

Oh but this has NOTHING to do with the idea that it may be genetic…..it HAS to be we, the parents…are “doing it wrong”  like we somehow want to saddle our kids with the dreaded “childhood obesity epidemic”  I mean at age 3 months we MUST be shoving twinkies and High Fructose Corn Syrup into their bottles (oh, wait if you are using formula you may already be doing just that).  And what is the big campaign against childhood obesity going to do for those UNDER 2?  they aren’t getting school lunches….the education they are going to drill in the kids heads to hate fatties will be AFTER the kids are already past the “obesity tipping point” .   So all that education is going to do is create a whole generation of fat people that hate themselves more than they already do today  I mean in MY generation you didn’t hate your body till 13-16….Now my 6-year-old is afraid of being fat.    And how do the doctors think we are going to fix this?

“Getting parents and children to change habits that have already taken hold is a monumental challenge fraught with road¬blocks and disappointments. This study indicates that we may need to discuss inappropriate weight gain early in infancy to affect meaningful changes in the current trend of obesity.”

/headesk.   So now any kid that grows fast will get labeled with ” inappropriate weight gain early in infancy”……i guess tall kids are just gonna get malnourshied…I mean we can’t let babies have a bmi over 17.  That means we are giving them diabetes and colon cancer (sarcasm!) ….I wonder….how much money is there to be made (and how cheap is artificial sweeteners to make anyway?)  selling the world KIDS diet food?   i wonder……


17 Responses to “Obesity tipping point as low as 3 months….DIET formula for you baby!”

  1. Mina Says:

    Allow me to headdesk with you, as this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.

  2. Katie Says:

    I have no words, no words at all. What the f is wrong with people?

  3. JeninCanada Says:

    This literally makes me ill. My son has been in the 90th percentile for his entire life. He’s 3 now and was a happy, healthy, chubby baby, toddler and now pre-schooler. He’s never been more ill than a head-cold and bounces back from those in a day or two. If any doctor had tried to tell me to cut back on his food or change his diet or tell me my son was unhealthy because of his size I’d laugh in their face.

  4. hsofia Says:

    This is evil.

  5. Piffle Says:

    It’s on MSNBC now too. At least they have a comments place where people can point out how stupid this is.


  6. Twistie Says:

    So…we should starve babies lest they get fat and die? Won’t the starving them make them DIE FASTER??????

    People are stupid sometimes.

  7. This is just what Meme Roth was talking about at the debate with Marianne Kirby on Nightline. (A bunch of us NY-ers got to be in the audience for this last week, it’s going to air on Feb 22.) Total f-ing insanity!

  8. “The researchers examined records from a pediatric practice of 111 children whose body mass index (BMI) exceeded 85 percent of the general population.”

    Um…. Aren’t there ALWAYS going to be, oh, 15 percent of children whose BMI exceeds 85% of the general population of children? By definition?

  9. Tehomet Says:

    That is obscene.

  10. Lori Says:

    Obviously fat babies are just too stupid to know that drinking too much breastmilk will make them fat. They lack the self-control of normal-weight babies who have mastered the art of portion control. They just don’t know that they are fat and need to eat less and exercise more.

    The idea that parents and kids were somehow screwing up if a child wasn’t an “ideal” weight at 2 would seem like a bad joke if we didn’t live in such a completely insane society.

    And, FWIW, my son (who was breastfed for 25 months) was off-the-charts huge for the first year of his life. Then he leveled off, and has been in the 75th percentile since he was about 2.

    My husband was so fat as a baby (he was 10.5 lbs at birth) that even back in the 1970s his pediatrician told his mom to stop feeding him so much (and this is when he was just a few months old). Turns out he didn’t grow up to be 4 feet tall and really fat, but 6’5″ and average weight.

  11. deanna Says:

    Just another thing to piss me off this morning! My daughter had nothing but breast milk her first six months; I continued to breastfeed her until she was two. She was always at the heavier end of the charts. (Perhaps I should have given her “skim” breast milk?)

    She has always had fresh fruits/vegetables; homemade meals, etc. But guess what, she’s a heavy 10-year-old! (Oh yeah, just to satisfy those who think that kids get fat because they just lie around all day–she also takes a hiphop dance class 2x/wk; has gym 3 days a week; plays outside all the time, etc. etc.)

    I am so sick of all this anti-obesity crap, I could scream. My daughter shouldn’t have to come home crying because she’s “fatter than everybody else.” She’s a healthy, active, intelligent child. You hear that, Michelle Obama?

  12. Patsy Nevins Says:

    I am glad that my children are grown, but I fear for my two four-year-old granddaughters (especially the one of my older son, who himself is food & fatophobic & pretty close to orthorexic) & all the children growing up now. This is the worst time in history to be a child, & I saw this as one whose childhood involved poverty & unremitting abuse. I will take it over what children today deal with. I have deal with some shit because of my weight, but not the insanity which these days passes for ‘concern’. I would not want to be a child or a parent of a young child now, even though I am having a large role in helping to raise my younger son’s daughter. Fortunately, he & his wife are sane, loving people & we are all doing all we can to give Karmyn a reasonably normal childhood. Childhood is not the carefree, joyous time many want to paint it as for many people anyway, so now they want to ensure that it will not be for anyone.

  13. Fatadelic Says:

    That is just NUTS.

    Yes, let’s give our kids eating disorders before they can walk. That’s the answer.

  14. Lori Says:

    I just can’t stop marveling over the insanity of this.

    Wouldn’t a rational person conclude that, if obesity is determined by age 2–or even as early as 3 months–it must be strongly genetic? How can any rational person conclude that the issue is bad habits? Does anybody know a single person who eats the same way as an older child, teen, or adult that they did at 2?

  15. I have just subscribed to your rss feed, I am hoping for many more similar posts to this.

  16. […] obesity starts at age 8, and according to new research, we get OMG fat by 3 months (see my article https://erylin.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/obesity-tipping-point-as-low-as-3-months-diet-formula-for-you…) Most obesity prevention programs — including the national initiative recently launched by […]

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