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Low IQ Second Only to Cigarette Smoking in Large Population Study: quick hit February 10, 2010

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“ScienceDaily (Feb. 10, 2010) — While lower intelligence scores — as reflected by low results on written or oral tests of IQ — have been associated with a raised risk of cardiovascular disease, no study has so far compared the relative strength of this association with other established risk factors such as obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. Now, a large study funded by Britain’s Medical Research Council, which set out to gauge the relative importance of IQ alongside other risk factors, has found that lower intelligence scores were associated with higher rates of cardiovascular disease and total mortality at a greater level of magnitude than found with any other risk factor except smoking.”

from http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/02/100209200754.htm

read that again…it means that its worse to be stupid than to be fat, at least where heart disease is concerned.   SO what are we going to do now….force folks to raise their IQ?  The took obesity smoking and high blood pressure into account….and it was smoking, followed by IQ (not heart disease, not weight) that had the biggest correlation.  The study followed 1145 men  and women around age 55 for 20 years (i love how all these long term studies are finding what the FA movement has been saying for years).  Data were collected for height, weight, blood pressure, smoking habits, physical activity, education and occupation; cognitive ability (IQ) was assessed using a standard test of general intelligence.   When they ran the mortality statistics, they were surprised on their findings.   they found that it went smoking, iq, and wealth, with activity level and blood pressure rounding out the top 5.  Where is weight?  i thought that being fat was supposed to give you a heart attack?   Oh wait…no one makes money if you stop smoking…or get smarter.   But the diet industry makes 120 BILLION dollars a year.  


3 Responses to “Low IQ Second Only to Cigarette Smoking in Large Population Study: quick hit”

  1. Miriam Heddy Says:

    Oh, but you must have missed where they got in a dig at fat:

    “The investigators note ‘a number of plausible mechanisms’ whereby lower IQ scores could elevate cardiovascular disease risk, notably the application of intelligence to healthy behaviour (such as smoking or exercise) and its correlates (obesity, blood pressure). A further possibility, they add, ‘is that IQ denotes ‘a record’ of environmental insults’ (eg, illness, sub-optimal nutrition) accumulated throughout life.”

  2. Piffle Says:

    I can believe that starving a child will lower its IQ. So if we start starving babies to prevent them from being obese, then they’ll have a lower IQ which will give them heart attacks.

    *runs around shrieking and pulling hair*

    Well, not really. Just feeding the kids regularly and ignoring the stupidity about fat.

  3. Sandra Says:

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    Low IQ Second Only to Cigarette Smoking in Large Population Study: quick hit February 10, 2010


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