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These ad’s on weight loss just arent working….duh! February 7, 2010

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I found an interesting study today (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/02/100205091831.htm)  A Monash University-led nationwide study into the health beliefs and behaviours of obese people…here is what they found.  It is really refreshing actually.   It admits that the current anti obesity rhetoric not only doesn’t work, but it stigmatizes a large part of the population.

“”Severely obese individuals felt an urgent and desperate need to change their health behaviours, but felt completely powerless to do so. Most felt worried and scared about the potential health consequences of their weight. Most felt blamed and ashamed by public health and education campaigns about obesity, which did little to actually help them address their weight,” Dr Thomas said.”

Well duh….what are we SUPPOSED to think…everywhere you look…all magazines, the news, tv shows, the internet, the radio, your family, bosses and teachers are all telling you: Lose weight fatty!  look!  it’s so easy….suzy here lost 75 lbs in 3 weeks just by taking this magic pill/powder/cream……all you have to do is exercise enough…..buy this gym membership!  and these weights….and clothes….and viedoes….yoga mats… books…lessons…private training……..and live on air and you too will FINALLY be enough.   Kids are fed “eat this not that” bs in schools. (im ok with the food pyramid, but unless you’ve been in a elementary school in the past 3 years you REALLY havent seen the propaganda.)  Even though one of the VERY best ways to encourage disordered eating is to make a “good food”  “bad food” relationship with food, schools nutrition education is to make chips/soda/candy BAD and celery/veggies/skim milk GOOD.   I have an idea….how about not letting “the bad food” be sold at schools…i bet kids will make “healthy choices”  if there isn’t a vending machine filled with pop….and icecream (for extra money of course)  available EVERY DAY at lunch.   

“Most of the study participants in this category[30-40 BMI range] deliberately sought to distance themselves from public health messages about obesity and the word obesity because of the social stigma attached to the condition. They also stigmatised those who were fatter than themselves.””

Which is why we get the size 12-16s getting all pissy every time you mention food or movement FREAKING out…..because they CANT get obese and be vilified like us.   If they slip in their weight loss vigilance for even a moment they too will get omg fat and be a slob, lazy, ugly, and a failure.  AND THATS THE TRAP.  That is what making fat=bad does…it pits us against each other. 

“The campaigns don’t seem to be having much of an effect. Those in the mild-moderately obese category said their weight creates feelings of social isolation or discrimination, yet don’t fully understand the health risks associated with the extra kilos,” Dr Thomas.”In contrast, people with a significant weight issue realised they were at an extremely high risk of disease but didn’t feel they could change. Further confirmation that the stigma and social stereotyping associated with obesity — including from government campaigns — is vastly impacting on individuals’ beliefs and behaviours.”Society’s attitudes need to change, governments need to refocus health messages…”

again duh.  BECAUSE DIETS DONT WORK.  And i will say that every freaking day for the rest of my life if I have to in order to battle this horrible misconception that makes the powers that be 120 BILLION dollars A YEAR.   All you do when you put out the fat=bad message is create a whole class of people that hate themselves.  It’s weird, and reminds me of an abusive relationship.  The very first thing an abusive partner does is tear you down, tell you no one will ever love you but him, make you hate yourself so you stay…..same thing the diet industry is doing to keep people coming back for more…..hummmmmm.

 Think about it….the honeymoon of a diet (and an abusive relationship) is awesome:  passionate, elated, exciting.  It feels familiar, too (well you’ve done it before  for so long).  You know it’s not good for you, you know you will pay for it in the end….But you look so GOOD (the sex/toys/gifts/family time is so GOOOD)  and its better for you anyway.   You’ll be healthy (you wont break up the family/house/circle of friends/dog) ect ct….but then it starts to fail…it controls you….you stop losing weight….and start getting hungry/hair falls our/ you get injured exercising (its stops being fun and he started going off the handle again)   but you feel like shit…you arent good enough for anything else ….anyway you see where this is going and the point I am trying to make.   But, like lots of women trapped in a dysfunctional, abusive relationship, those in the throes of the control don’t see it…and will fight you when you point it out.  And you can’t break away until you are ready… And sometimes, like in abusive relationships, you die because you didn’t open your eyes fast enough and wake up to the truth. (sorry to be so blunt, but I have lost 2 friends to ED and 1 to a drunk angry husband.)


7 Responses to “These ad’s on weight loss just arent working….duh!”

  1. Meems Says:

    Which is why we get the size 12-16s getting all pissy every time you mention food or movement FREAKING out…..because they CANT get obese and be vilified like us. If they slip in their weight loss vigilance for even a moment they too will get omg fat and be a slob, lazy, ugly, and a failure.

    This comment confuses me, especially since I’m in that size range. What exactly is it about food or movement that we supposedly freak out about? Are you talking about people within FA or just the general population?

  2. living400lbs Says:

    Which is why we get the size 12-16s getting all pissy every time you mention food or movement FREAKING out…..because they CANT get obese and be vilified like us.

    Actually many women in the 12-16 US size range are already clinically obese. (Some may be worried about becoming more noticeably obese.) One thing the media’s emphasis on using photos of very fat people like myself is that a lot of folks don’t realize how one can look thin and have a BMI over 30.

    • Deeleigh Says:

      For me, BMI 30-37 (moderately obese) corresponds to US sizes 14-20. I’ve been in that range since I was 11. I’ve never been on a diet. I don’t weigh myself or “freak out” when food or movement are mentioned. (what? why would someone?) I do stay active and make an effort to eat a nutritionally balanced – not restrictive – diet, but that’s because I feel better and healthier when I do so, not to avoid becoming “omg fat and be a slob, lazy, ugly, and a failure.” I consider myself fat now, and I’m not lazy, ugly or a failure.

      To be honest, I’d prefer not to get larger, because than I’d be more likely to experience discrimination. However, I’m not going to be someone who practices it. I don’t look down on people who are larger than I am, and if I suspected that someone was looking down on me or anyone else based on size, I’d lose respect for them.

      I agree that dieting is, in many ways, self abuse. However the kind of attitudes and behavior you’re describing could be displayed by someone of any size, not just by average-sized (12-16) women. Anyone can have a dysfunctional or a healthy relationship with food and movement. Size has nothing to do with it.

  3. lifeonfats Says:

    I think the comment about the size 12-16’s meant that those inbetweenies who are not in FA. It’s the ones that have no clue about the community and don’t consider themselves obese even though the BMI manipulations places them in that category. Like living400lbs said, the bodies used to illustrate the obesity epidemic are those like hers as well as mine. It may be a disconnect—we’re not like that THOSE people, so don’t lump us in there with them, and if you try to do, we have no problem dieting. Ever notice that many of the “success stories” for Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Alli, etc. are those that are not deathfat, but in the size 12-18 range? Heck, you even have women who are size 10 who think they’re too fat.

  4. Patsy Nevins Says:

    Absolutely. Just like you have women size 8, 10, 12 making a very good living as ‘plus size models’ & even being enthusiastically celebrated by some bloggers as a sign of great progress for ‘fat’ people. I am sure that these models who are being turned into ‘fat icons’ of a sort by some do not consider themselves fat or want to be seen as fat, nor do I see them as fat. I am equally certain that probably just about every one of them lives on a restrictive diet & exercises more than is needed for good health in order NOT to get fat.

    Size doesn’t have to have a thing to do with how you feel about your body or with your relationship with food. Some very large women are comfortable in their bodies & some very thin women are not. And a great many women, certainly the vast majority of women in our thin-obsessed culture, are afraid, often downright terrified, of getting fatter than they are. My own body has changed a lot in the past 6 years, coming off my last nearly four-year bout of compulsive exercise, finishing menopause, & aging, & it isn’t something that one accepts & feels comfortable with without some struggle & some hard work. And I don’t care WHO you are or HOW v irtuous your lifestyle is, you will not have the same body at 60 that you had at 30…& I am certain that, if I can live that long, I will have a still very different body at 80 or 90.

  5. wriggles Says:

    They also stigmatised those who were fatter than themselves.””

    I understand the inbetweenie thing, but it is true that even the fattest stigmatize those fatter than themselves. If you believe that your bad behaviour made you fat, then you’ll tend to believe it of others.

    This buck passing is shameful and a product of shame, but then if you are selling yourself out, you tend to do the same to others.

  6. I think the health argument is the hardest part of being fat. Just the automatic assumption that you’re lazy and have been sitting on the couch, scarfing down chips all day. And not just on a social level but pretty much on an institutional level, thinking fat kids are stupid, fat workers are inept. I still brace myself when i go to the doctors because I know I’ll get ‘the talk’. I guess what’s tough about dieting, is we’ve been sold on the idea that this is the solution to all our problems-health, success, happiness and it’s a hard fantasy to let go of which is why it is continually perpetuated in the media

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