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Yahoo slams Mrs. Obama – quick hit February 4, 2010

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So Mrs. Obama’s fight against childhood obesity is her “just say no” of her husbands presidencey…Every first lady has had her cause, and usually the country is bettered by it (though I disagree with the drug “war” but i digress)  Never before, however has the first lady so candidly shoved her children into the spotlight as well.  The yahoo front-page news story screams today “Is it okay to talk about your daughters’ weight if it’s for the national good?”  Most if not all mainstream media can get behind the call to work on the “childhood obesity epidemic” (nevermind that children are growing and NEED adequate nutrition.)   What folks are having a hard time swallowing is her blatant use of her children to do so, especially her eldest, Malia.  “On the brink of teenagehood, Malia Obama is at an especially precarious position. With a naturally changing body, the idea that she has to face the world debating her fat puts her at higher risk for an eating disorder.”  even fox’s news channel (someone I am almost never in agreement) agrees.  “Jezebel brings up the fair point (via Fox News Channel contributor Michelle Malkin) that perhaps in “revealing that her children have had weight issues too” Michelle Obama is “exposing her children to scrutiny at an early age.” 

It looks like, at least for this part of the week, mainstream media is agreeing with me.


One Response to “Yahoo slams Mrs. Obama – quick hit”

  1. Veronica Says:

    While I agree there IS a problem with childhood obesity (Hello? HFCS is often the number one ingredient in FORMULA!) I don’t think Michelle Obama’s girls are obese…or even really overweight. They look healthy to me.

    However the three year old I saw at Burger King the other day when I stopped to get myself some iced tea (I’ve mostly quite going to FF joints) eating a double cheeseburger and drinking what could only have been a soda (Straw turned brown upon slurpage) made me cringe. Yeah, childhood obesity needs to be taken care of, but focus on the real kids who need it. I don’t think the Obamas do.

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