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High-tech sensors help people stay true to diet, exercise plans (quick link) January 30, 2010

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OMFG  gattica anyone?  does this not scare anyone else? 

The experimental devices are designed to keep track of how many minutes they work out, how much food they consume and even whether they are at a fast-food joint when they should be in the park. The goal is to cut down on self-reported answers that often cover up what’s really happening.

 I recently found THIS article (complete with the obligatory headless fatty picture….this time with a monitor) http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/weightloss/2010-01-07-obesity-monitors_N.htm

it’s a freaking monitor.  nanny state anyone?  I am SO mad right now I am seeing red.   SO  they are gonna make me wear a monitor and tell me what I should be eating?   how much I should be moving?  whats next?  what happens when I DONT lose weight?  I wont, trust me…on diets if anything I UNDER eat and OVER exercise, not the other way around asshat.  AND I STILL DONT LOSE WIEGHT.  “Traditional weight-loss interventions rely mainly on people’s memory of what they ate for dinner and how many minutes they worked out. But researchers have long known that method can be unreliable since people often forget details or lie.”  Right blame the fatty…because if we don’t lose the weight we MUST be lying.   we HAVE to be eating bon bons.  And watching tv.  I wonder if the monitor is waterproof so I can swim…or does that not count?  (since some of the protoypes monitor sweat levels to determine activity levels) do i have to wear a freaking heart rate monitor while i blow out my bad knees running on a treadmill because OMFG YOUR ARE FAT YOU WILL DIEEEEEEEEEEE.

Anybody else reminded of gattica, with the rows of perfect clones running in synchronization, wearing heart rate monitors…  /shudder


5 Responses to “High-tech sensors help people stay true to diet, exercise plans (quick link)”

  1. Patsy Nevins Says:

    Ah, yes, clones…& total loss of autonomy & ownership of one’s body. As one who has spent as long as four years at a time increasing my exercise to four hours daily & losing a TOTAL of 15-18 pounds in those four years. Since I was in my mid-50’s & going through menopause when I cut back to my usual 45-90 minutes daily of exercise, I regained over the years about 35 pounds. We are not fat because we are lazy & gluttonous; even the ones who THINK they are, as I read in some comments (I am fat because I eat ‘junk’ & I am a couch potato) are not fat because of their bad behavior, since plenty of thin people also eat ‘junk’ & hate to exercise, they are fat because body size is mostly genetic. And body size…& for that matter, eating & exercise habits…is not a MORAL issue, even though it is has been turned into one in modern culture. Considering all the people who do all the so-called ‘wrong’ things & live well into their 80’s & 90’s, it is not even as much of a health issue as they would have us believe. Whether I am healthy or not, whether I die tomorrow or live another 35 years or more, HOW I live in my body…what I eat & how much I exercise, etc…. is no one’s business but my own. It is a human rights violation to try to control the personal behaviors & bodies of individuals.

  2. Patsy Nevins Says:

    Sorry, I got a phone call as I was starting to type my comment & just realized I had an incomplete sentence. I meant to say that, since I am a person who has spent much of her life engaged in compulsive exercise, as well as restrained eating, with very little weight loss, I know how well all this ‘control’ works for most of us…it doesn’t.

  3. richie79 Says:

    “It is a human rights violation to try to control the personal behaviors & bodies of individuals”

    Ah but you forget, fat people are specifically excluded from human rights legislation (in Europe, at least) by vague clauses about ‘health’.

    Sadly in the current climate I suspect there would be no need to force fat people to wear the monitors (though it will come, eventually, after the backlash and somewhere between removing our kids in the delivery room and and herding us into the camps). No, all they’d need to do is call it ‘The Oprah Winfrey Superthin’ or ‘Michelle Obama‘s Obesity Solution’, maybe with a discreetly palced signature and a whole load of prime-time advertising, and they’ll be queuing round the block.

  4. Jex Says:

    Ah the assertion that if people were just constantly told how much to eat and how much to work out, they’d automatically do it. Because, nobody has ever been late since the advent of accurate personal timepieces. You can ignore your watch and be late to work. You can ignore your monitor telling you that if you’d only work out obsessively and eat exactly the calories you need to survive, you’d fit in the box perfectly.

  5. Meowser Says:

    Well, there could be a silver lining to this. IF these devices are accurate, we can finally prove once and for all that there’s not a whole lot of correlation between calorie intake and weight for most people. How many times have we been told we must be in denial about how much we’re eating, that we must be eating twice as much as people who weigh half what we do? Maybe they’ll finally believe us.

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