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yet more proof that being fat is good for you. – quick hit January 28, 2010

Ok I know we’ve seen this with other studies but who believes Canadians (just kidding) . once again fat people (especially the over 70 crowd)  live 10 years longer.   the study was carried out with 9,200 aussies over 10 years.  those with an overweight bmi lived 13% longer.    they also found that being sedentary, regardless of weight, doubled the risk of death for woman and raised it by 1/4 for men.  yea we know that is why HAES is good for you….and shows, once again diets don’t work.  ” According to the study authors, it may be time to reevaluate the system that determines who is overweight and obese.”



One Response to “yet more proof that being fat is good for you. – quick hit”

  1. Patsy Nevins Says:

    I have two fat brothers in their 70’s, but they are not at all enlightened about fat & body acceptance, the real truth hidden from us by the media & the establishment, etc. They are living proof that fat people do not die young from being fat (they have both been fat all their lives to some degree…they weighed 10 & 12 pounds at birth…& for years have been been between 250 & 270), this despite the fact that men usually die considerably younger than women do (this fact is so true that a woman who weighs over 350 pounds has a good chance of outliving a 6′, 170 pound man {Just to give an example, but a slim to average-build man} by three of four years), but my brothers both still cannot figure out why they are still alive, since their ‘fat’ (&, I may add, their general sedentary behavior, especially the younger one) should have killed them years ago. The younger one has also been an alcoholic since he was 15 & was told by a doctor that he would be dead before he hit 35 & the other one smoked for 45 years before he quit. In their case, I figure it is just the long-lived genes from our mother’s side of the family.

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