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the scales can lie hidden fat /headdesk January 26, 2010


i refuse to join their website and pay to see the article but i will link what is available…..boy does THIS piss me off.  so now even the skinny are fat….like fat is a new term for unhealthly…..

“Can you be normal weight and fat at the same time? (wtf kinda questing is that……isnt the definition of fat mean “overweight”)

That’s the implication of a provocative recent report from the Mayo Clinic, which suggests that fat in your body can get you and your heart into trouble even if you don’t look fat and if the scale tells you you’re healthy.”

wow just wow…now skinnies have to worry about this mystery fat that will hurt your body…lets just market diet products to a bigger and bigger audience, a wider and wider range. not fat?  you might be deep down inside,  so diet!  buy our products…theres no money in us being healthy and happy, we have to hate ourselves, fear what we eat and pay for drugs, diet food and gym memberships (just 29.99 with a contract!)    /headdesk until I bleed.


5 Responses to “the scales can lie hidden fat /headdesk”

  1. Meems Says:

    Well, they’re talking about body fat percentage, even though that probably isn’t a valuable measure of health, either.. Of course, the logical next question (which they certainly won’t ask) is whether you can be fat, but still thin – like many athletes.

  2. bigliberty Says:

    The line that foreshadows the doom of this article:

    “…and if the scale tells you you’re healthy.”

    Scales can’t do that, Ron (writer of the article).

    It’s hilarious, because the bias of the writer here is so strong that he ends up stating what she thinks is a contradiction because he *does* believe that being thin is indicative of health. Basically, he’s all shocked and stuff, saying: “Thin people can have cholesterol problems and other problems related to some fat-correlated issues. No, for REALZ! But I know, they’re thin so they’re healthy, right, but they’re somehow both healthy *and* unhealthy at the same time! BOGGLE.”

  3. wriggles Says:

    I feel like this has been the aim of spreading the obesity empire all along, social control of everyone.

  4. wriggles Says:

    Oh yeah, here’s another example of what they’re describing.

  5. This article is probably talking about the visceral fat vs. subcutaneous fat debate. Visceral fat is the fat you can’t see. It’s around your organs. And there’s been some research that suggests for those who GET type II diabetes or early heart disease BUT ARE THIN, the reason is because they have too much visceral fat.

    They even have special names to sort out this mess.

    They call those of us who are fat, but healthy, “Metabolically benign but obese”…and those that are thin but unhealthy, “Metabolically obese but thin.”

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