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the scales can lie hidden fat /headdesk January 26, 2010


i refuse to join their website and pay to see the article but i will link what is available…..boy does THIS piss me off.  so now even the skinny are fat….like fat is a new term for unhealthly…..

“Can you be normal weight and fat at the same time? (wtf kinda questing is that……isnt the definition of fat mean “overweight”)

That’s the implication of a provocative recent report from the Mayo Clinic, which suggests that fat in your body can get you and your heart into trouble even if you don’t look fat and if the scale tells you you’re healthy.”

wow just wow…now skinnies have to worry about this mystery fat that will hurt your body…lets just market diet products to a bigger and bigger audience, a wider and wider range. not fat?  you might be deep down inside,  so diet!  buy our products…theres no money in us being healthy and happy, we have to hate ourselves, fear what we eat and pay for drugs, diet food and gym memberships (just 29.99 with a contract!)    /headdesk until I bleed.


Fat man circus on tyra

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i know a LOT of discussion happens in the fatosphere about bbw clubs.  Frankly i love them myself…..a place where i can go and men love my curves, my thickness.   I know its more acceptible for men to be more out of shape,  but there have to be men out there that feel the “im fat and i cant get no love” stigma too.  

So i sat down and watched this segment on tyra about sexy, big men.  Here is my blow by blow, as i watched the segment:

   According to NYT and tyra, “pot bellies are the new washboard stomach.”   What i like (and what pisses me off at the same time) is there are hoots and hollers from the audience, like its ok, and normal when the subject is brought up.   I bet if it was about bbw club, there would be no cheers from the audience. 

They talked about sex being “more cushion for the pushing”   One guest speaks about throwing away their man’s diet pills, she didn’t want him to lose his belly.  They talk about how big men are safe to climb on, you know they can take it, and how riding a fat man doesn’t hurt as bad as a bony one.   A guest talks about how skinny guys that are attractive KNOW they are attractive. and act as such, but a fat guy can be cute and s still be a gentleman. 

And then the mockery starts….first one guest gives her man a raspberry…then tyra dresses the men up like Chippendales and has the guests feel them up.   ….trya im disappointed.    I KNOW she is part of the diet obsessed world, but i like her as a person and usually she’s kind of sensitive to things (im reminded of an episode where she shows the prejudices of people and included fat as one of them.)   But with this….great, thanks…once again the men are just fat clowns.   God that gets old.  Men can be fat and sexy and not have it be silly or a joke.   (OMFG she just said who wants to smell it…i think i threw up in my mouth a little) 

oh great thats not enough….now they roll out the OMG fat is unhealthy guest…including a lady that has to be a size 20 or so saying she should be the only fat one in  a relationship, and her being fat is “natural”  (its natural for all of us thanks.)  great thanks for nothing tyra…one guest even said “it’s not healthy, its greasy” about the pot belly.  Tyra makes the new “fat hating” guests get in bed with a guy with a pot belly and rub him in a sexual manner (ew, wrong on SOOOO many levels) 

I really wish we could all just be people…  we all have SOMETHING…we are all either fat or skinny, tall or short, red, white, black, asian what have you.  Every time there is a show like this one, or a “I love asian men” show it just reminds folks of our otherness, how we  are different.    Why is it ok for men to be fat, sexy even (even if in a silly way, look at Ron Jeremy, he is far from fit or svelte and is one of the top porn stars of all time) while women can’t be or they are a fetish?   Men of my BMI date all the time, and the women that date them are not just fatties, they are all sizes….but if a woman of size dates a skinny guy, he is automatically a fat fetishist, labeled “other” (because fetishes are just not “normal” sexual behaviors am I right?) and discounted.