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Fat bottomed girls are A-OK: new study finds pear shape protects against heart disease. January 24, 2010

In my skimmings this week I found this article http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/01/100116104535.htm and forgot about it till today when I found it in my to do folder.  

The tone of the article annoyed me, what  with the “worrying if your bum looks big in this”  but its research appeared to be sound, and the finding really nothing surprising…We have known for years that the “bellyfat”  aka apple shape seen more on the male body shape is worse for you than the “womanly” fat of hips and butt (aka pear shaped).  This study, done by a team from the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism (OCDEM)  published their summary of the latest research in the International Journal of Obesity.  In fact their findings was not only is it better for you to be pear shaped than apple shaped, but it is ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU.   “However, it is only very recently that thigh fat and a larger hip circumference have been shown to promote health, that lower body fat is protective by itself.” says Dr Konstantinos Manolopoulos, one of the paper’s authors along with Dr Fredrik Karpe and Professor Keith Frayn.  wait you mean that lower bottom fat is GOOD for me?     he goes on to add that this protection is INDEPENDENT of weight.  

….and then he {of course) mentions that ‘Control of body weight is still the best way to stay healthy, and the advice remains the same: it is important to eat less and exercise more.’   wait wait…didnt you just tell me that a fat ass was ok…in fact good for me?

Basically, for you tecchies out there, both areas, waist and butt/thigh can store fat…..its easier to lose it off the waist, but that is not really a good thing..fat around the waist is much more active in storing and releasing fatty acids in response to need throughout the day. Thigh fat is used for much longer term storage.  (side note….isnt belly fat eaiser to lose too?)  but thigh fat and butt fat trap the fatty acids longer term, meaning less fatty acids in the blood to build up around organs and muscles, which is what leads to diabetes.   (so fatty acids realised by losing the fat in our bellies causes harm….hummm)  waist fat also releases cytokines which leads to inflammation and things like heart disease……(and the cytokines caused by losing belly fat causes inflamation…which leads to heart attacks and strokes.,……double hummmmm)    What they don’t come out and tell you, but you can see by reading between the lines (or my parentheses)  is….yoyo dieting, caused by loss and gain of belly fat causes heart attacks, diabetes, ect…….

it amazes me that studies can look at these issues and not see the correlations….they are soo busy looking at OMG GET SKINNY that they don’t look at their own data in an unbiased way.


2 Responses to “Fat bottomed girls are A-OK: new study finds pear shape protects against heart disease.”

  1. Patsy Nevins Says:

    That doesn’t help those who are not pear-shaped much, I have to say. It is hard to change one’s natural shape, even by exercising 4 hours daily, as I can tell you from MANY years of experience, & I would also like to point out, as a 60-year-old woman who finished menopause about three years ago, that the shape, the proportion of one’s body can also change somewhat with aging. It is normal to gradually gain some weight & lose some muscle tone with aging, but even more than weight gain, which for some people may only be a few pounds, aging brings redistribution, &, eventually, as we age far beyond where I am now, even with natural weight loss of old age & shrinkage, we still look ‘wrongly’ proportioned to the body fascists. I was an hourglass for most of my life, though I have always had a large round belly in comparison to whatever size I have been (& have not lost it after years of doing 1500 stomach crunches daily either), but now I am more apple-shaped. However, I am still from a family of fat women…with at least three body TYPES represented among us…who manage to live without heart disease or cancer for the most part & who also manage to live into our late 80’s to mid-90’s; there are even a couple of aunts who lived past 100.

    I have been active all my life, to the point of spending years battling exercise bulimia, & have been from moderately plump to an in-betweenie, to now mid-sized. I do not use alcohol or tobacco, never used any recreational drugs, barely take an aspirin, eat a variety of foods including whole grains, do not drink coffee but do drink a lot of black & green teas, am a fanatic about brushing & flossing, have regular sleep habits, & I also had the ‘foresight’ (because notice slightly sarcastic humor) to have normal pregnancies & deliveries, have my first child before I turned 24m & to spend nearly three years breastfeeding. I have spent less time in doctor’s offices or hospitals or being sick than the majority of people my age whom I know of all sizes. Yet, now, if they cannot make me believe that just being fat AT ALL is going to kill me, they want me to believe that I am doomed to die young because my ass is not big enough or my waist is too big? I already went through that over ten years ago until about 6 years ago with my last bout of compulsive exercise (the crunches portion actually lasted about 7 years before my cerebral palsy & arthritis rendered me mostly incapable of getting down onto & up off the floor every day), at least partly fueled by the assertion of Glenn Gaesser, Phd, exercise physiologist, that a waist measurement over 35″ was very dangerous for a woman. I do everything for the most part about as ‘right’ as an imperfect mortal human being can (&, no, I am not going to measure portions, count servings, or give up chocolate), yet I find it impossible to achieve a pear shape, despite the fact that that was how my mother was built; she survived a lot of health issues, mostly genetic from her father, to the age of 85. However, HER mother, who was built more like I am, lived to be 90.

    I am not at all comfortable with anyone suggesting that being a certain way…size, shape, race, whatever…is somehow ‘better’. We are who we are, we will ALL die, virtually all of us will have some health problems along the way, & I see no way that condemning certain body shapes OR sizes helps anyone. And, as you mentioned above, if there IS increased risk, it is almost certainly caused by losing & regaining the belly fat, dieting & regaining more of your weight as fat, than by having that fat belly in the first place & accepting it as part of you & not struggling to change it. Plenty of research over the years has given us ample evidence that most of the ‘health problems’ attributed to fat can more accurately be attributed to the attempts to lose it.

  2. Bill Fabrey Says:

    Regardless of where you tend to be fattest, you can expect to be bombarded by commercials and well-meaning advice from “friends” that you should weigh less, at all costs. You can even be discriminated against because of your weight. It is much better, physically and mentally, to embrace a HAES (health at every size) philosophy, and work on being healthier, not losing pounds or inches in the chubbiest part of your body, whatever it may be. To learn more about the HAES philosophy, I’d like to mention the website belonging to ASDAH, the Association for Size Diversity and Health. Why? Well, for one reason, I am the membership chair this year, and we’re having a reduced-rates membership drive until Feb. 28, 2010. But it costs nothing to check out the website:


    –Bill Fabrey
    Woodstock, NY, USA

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