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glitch in the matrix January 23, 2010

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ok so apparently there was some i hate jillian michaels post that has been swallowed up by the powers that be.  (One of my future guest bloggers pointed it out)   I will be looking for it, for it was (imho) funny and over the top rage at the ickiness that this yell-in-your-worthless face personal trainer mentality.  FOr those that got to see it awesome,  feel my wrath!  If not sorry and I will reconstruct it when I am feeling sufficient hatred towards my reality tv nemesis The Biggest Loser (hereby called TBL).  Alas in too good a mood today (had date night last night so weeeeeeee!) and off to pick up the kiddos.   

In the meantime…anyone care to help spark my rage at the Biggest Loser? (especially in light of my recent post about exercise bulimia which you can find here https://erylin.wordpress.com/2010/01/20/elle-admits-to-exersize-bulimia/)   IF you are the one to light my fire, I will gladly do an extra rant of the fa subject of your choice, free of charge!   now….GO!

EDIT:  i found the link and reposted it…..check out my rant!