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I hate Jillian Michaels January 22, 2010

Just saying I hate her…..I hope she gets a metabolic disorder and people tell her to stop eating fatty….except she can’t because its genetic even if she eats nothing and works out for 5 hours a day. (like many x-biggest loser contestants, some of whom train for MARATHONS on 1200 calories a day.)   May she blow out a knee and never be able to do another lunge.   I wish her nothing but what she pushes on other people for the sake of ratings and money (never  ever pretend it’s about “compassion”  thats a load of crap.)  May she have heat stroke while running a mile …..in a fat suit.  

IN fact she is bad at selling things too…a new video of hers pushes a kettlebell workout…well i found this article blasting her (and he does it as nice as he can too, they ARE selling kettlebells after all and she is the hottest weight loss trainer since the ab-rower )  http://www.charmcitykettlebells.com/sandys-journal/jillianmichaelsisbadforkettlebells/

“Being a trainer, in no way gives Jillian Michaels the expertise to teach kettlebells. Look I’m not a personal trainer and I don’t try to train folks except in my area of expertise. Jillian says at one point during the QVC piece, “I know you are thinking…you don’t know how to use it (the kettlebell)” Well I can assure you she doesn’t know how to use it either, unfortunately.”

Thats the problem with the EXERSIZE FATTY approach to weight loss… if you aren’t already fit, jumping into 3 hours of cardio a day will KILL you….or at the very least injure you.   All things in moderation people jesus.   And you know what, life it’s too short to do what she does, what she makes people do on tv for money.   Life is here to ENJOY the best  way you can……that includes eating well, dancing through life, and loving the souls around you.  It does NOT include climbing a never-ending ladder till you fall over.   And then have an angry (albiet hot in an overtoned martial arts sort of way)  brunette yelling at you “stupid fatty you are ruining your life, your kids lives and the country!”

(Well THATS been brewing for a while…sorry folks.  Some things just have to be ranted upon…I guess i have been rant-y lately…must be the moon or something)

12 Responses to “I hate Jillian Michaels”

  1. […] my utter hatred of the biggest loser and any other weight loss competition style show.   (see https://erylin.wordpress.com/2010/01/22/i-hate-jillian-michaels/ )  THis post over at yahoo ( i know not the best of sources, but they DID talk to […]

  2. M. Pearl Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Check out more anti-Jillian rants at http://www.antibiggestloser.com!

  3. Michelle Says:

    The paradigm of weight loss that they present in the biggest loser is completely unrealistic. It makes me scared when they show soundbites of people in the community discuss how the methods they use on the show are healthy, promoting a healthy lifestyle when in fact they are not. They are promoting rapid rapid weight loss through an excessive amount of exercise. In real life no one has time to work out 6-8 hours a day. Empirical research shows that slow weight loss is the quickest way to keep it off. The reality is that some people have jobs and careers where they maintain high levels of activity and then there are also people who have sedentary jobs. The whole idea of indoctrinating people to work out hours and hours, obsessing over calories counting it not healthy. Additionally, it’s a game show! The prize is money. They never talk about the extreme weight loss methods that some contestants employ, like weight cutting methods used in boxing/ultimate fighting to make weight, where the technique is extreme dehydration to lose those additional 10-12 pounds for weigh in time.

    Also, Jillian Michaels is not a certified counsellor, she does not have any training in psychology or mental health but she “counsels” contestants. This is irresponsible.

  4. Maureen Says:

    Michelle, I couldn’t agree more! Her methods, and the methods used on the show are PURELY for entertainment! The people I know who watch that show sit back on their couches at home eating ding-dongs and pizza and laugh at the huge fatties on there running on the treadmill and passing out. It’s disgusting, and it’s all for show! I especially hate the “play on words” of the title of the show. “The Biggest LOSER?!?” WTF??! I was pissed off as soon as I heard the title of the show! WHY would anyone want to go on a show where you are being called a LOSER right to your face for being fat?? That just propogates the idea that ALL fat people are just lazy bums who don’t care about their health and fitness. Umm…wrong! Some people do have sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits, but other overweight people, in fact I would say most overweight people, are too busy LIVING THEIR LIVES to spend half of it in the freaking gym!!

  5. T Says:

    I’m no Jillian Michaels fan, but your comments about some obese people having sedentary lifestyles as if THAT’S actually a reason for their obesity are woefully misinformed. The poor diet I agree IS a cause. Read Gary Taubes’ book Why We Get Fat. It’s the definitive book on the topic. He spent ten years going over ALL the relevant studies on diet and weight and buries the conventional wisdom about obesity and weight loss. Jillian Michaels should read it, too, though I doubt it would penetrate her religious belief that exercise is a huge part of weight loss. That ignorant b!tch is going to kill someone one of these days.

  6. Red Says:

    My sister is, unfortunately into this show. And while I can’t deny that it’s encouraged people to get more active, I don’t feel comfortable with their approach.

    As nearly everyone knows, ‘slow and steady’ is the best way to lose weight, However, in the current culture we live in now, it’s all about ‘instant gratification’. people wants results and they want them NOW. The clear problem with that line of thinking (ESPECIALLY in regards to weight lose) is that it can be, and often is dangerous. A person can hurt themselves, develop disorders and have even died following this route.

    All it’s going to take is ONE PERSON either severely injuring themselves or even dying on the show to cause everything to crumble.

  7. Chandra R Says:

    Amen! She is a terrifying cultural obsession. I agree 100% with Sandy, her “kettlebell training” is pathetic at best and extremely dangerous at worst. I fell for her hype once and spent actual money on her “yoga burnout” DVD – holy cats. That was an affront to the practice of yoga on so many levels. Not only was she doing traditional moves with extremely poor form, she was making fun of yoga while she was making money off of it! Her ego is in much better condition than her body, IMHO – and her arrogance offends me every time I hear her open her mouth.

    T – dead on about the Taubes book recc, it is a great starting point for understanding the lies that we have been told and the health problems they have lead to. Between our government and health “experts” (gag) like Ms. Michaels, it’s no wonder that so many people don’t know their own body’s needs. Some people are ultra-sensitive to the effects of carbs on insulin and do great on a Paleo-type diet, others are intolerant of meats and would be much healthier as vegetarians, some people will remain overweight at 1500 calories a day unless they eliminate certain preservatives or additives … but the “conventional wisdom” of calories-in/calories-out weight control preached by the JM’s of the world is keeping millions from sensible healthy alternatives. Every BODY is different for pete’s sake!

  8. Sarah Says:

    She’s a flaky commercial suck-up, and I can not tolerate how rude and inappropriate she is. Just b/c she eats produce all day, does not me that she is in any way qualified to give out nutritional/medical advice. Isn’t she just a personal trainer??? As far as I know she does NOT have a degree in Dietetics, Human Nutrition, or Nutrition Science.

  9. rj Says:

    She is currently added to the TV show the Doctors. Why is she on this show…she is not a Doctor!

  10. michelle Says:

    I can’t stand Jillian Michaels either! OK, if I had all day to do nothing but work out and eat the perfect meal while getting paid for it it would be sooooo easy for me too. I am 31, 5ft even and 113 lbs. So, Jillian would look like sasquatch next to me! I wish someone would tell her she is NOT all that hot. She looks like a drag queen. I have seen over-weight women that are so much more attractive and much more lady like. She beleives she is so intimidating! LOL!!! If I was at a gym working out and she was “motivating” me with that mouth I would knock her teeth out with a dumb bell!!!

  11. janice sanz Says:

    I cannot STAND Jillian Michaels and I’ve never even watched “The Biggest Loser.” I’m sure that the program is demeaning and humiliating for the contestants, even though they have agreed to the conditions of the game.
    I feel bad for those folks. Being heavy is not a crime against the world. She says it is. She is a bitch. She is loud, has no manners, she is brusque, abrasive, loves to be intimidating, and she displays the most awful fake smile. I would like to never see her face again.
    However, since she’s joined “The Doctors,” she seems to be everywhere. Jillian does NOT belong on that show, and I won’t watch it again as long as she is featured. She might want to wake up and shut up!

  12. Alan Odoul Says:

    Jillian Michaels is a murderer. “Blame the victim” approaches to obesity cause unbelievable amounts of suffering, and shorten the lives of millions of obese people every year. As a society, we desperately need to apply some real effort and some real science to figure out the causes of this epidemic, and we must find a cure quickly.

    The abject failure of the traditional approach, as practiced by Michaels, the American Heart Association, and nutritionists everywhere doesn’t stop these people from continuing to promote their ineffective products and methods, and doesn’t stop them from laughing all the way to the bank as obese people continue to suffer.

    Anyone who draws a paycheck for ‘helping’ obese people should be deeply ashamed, because the methods currently employed do far more harm than good. It is time to throw out the current paradigm of ‘diet and exercise’, and work toward discovering what is really causing people’s homeostatic adipose levels to rise. Perhaps Taubes is right — at least he offers a well-reasoned counter-argument to the current orthodoxy — but far more _genuinely objective_ studies need to be done.

    In the meantime, I encourage everyone who has become despondent from continued failure to lose weight to take heart, and remember the following: “If what you’re doing isn’t working, TRY SOMETHING ELSE!” If diet and exercise failed 14 times, there is no reason to assume it will work on the 15th go ’round. Try low carb, try no carb try Ornish, try vegan, try kosher. Try anything except what has been proven to fail. But don’t count calories. It works for awhile, but it relies on will-power, and no one can maintain that level of will power for a lifetime, just ask Oprah.

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