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Weight watchers goes crazy, sues everybody January 21, 2010

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maybe their diet plans aren’t working so well.   I guess now they need to make money by suing …other diet companies!!!!!!!!!!!…bwhahahah maybe the industry will eat itself  from the inside. 



4 Responses to “Weight watchers goes crazy, sues everybody”

  1. CTJen Says:

    wait, JC is a division of Nestle?!?!? HOLY CRAP, my head, it exploded.

  2. I think this move is probably part of WW’s quest for world domination to become The Diet That Works. (Although they want to divorce themselves from the word “diet,” naturally, since everyone knows that diets are bullshit.)

    WW wants to distance themselves from other commercial weight loss programs, though they are essentially the same. It’s all marketing — it has nothing to do with actual differences in their products and services. Sort of the same way Pro-Activ solution has successfully marketed themselves as The Acne Cure, though their product contains the same active ingredient, in similar amounts, that you can find on drugstore shelves (for instance, PanOxyl.)

    I actually read a study in a peer-reviewed journal that was really, really crappy, and I couldn’t figure out why it was so crappy. Then I saw that it was funded by WW Foundation. Surprise!

  3. Literally LOLed. Loved the line “eat itself from the inside.”

  4. My favorite part is that they put Valerie Bertinelli in a lab coat to make it appear super-scienterrific (OK, now I am sad because I tried to link that to The Health Institute of Nutrition and it is gone 😦 ). Well, and the part about how WW is happy to conduct its own crappy science when it thinks it supports its own purposes, but if someone ELSE does a biased, tiny, short-term study that makes WW look bad, then THAT is obviously totally unacceptable. Hahahahahaha. I too love the industry eating itself from the inside line. How sadly appropriate.

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