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I LOVE how they skew the evidence. January 21, 2010

I ran across this article while looking for obesity =health risk OMG articles:


These articles just piss me off….they claim that the study found this and this blah blah blah….but when the study refutes themselves they stick it as an afterthought at the end of the article.   And as usual I have a few questions…first off did the study account for age (I bet not, or it would say it did.) and second who funded the study….if you ever took statistics you can see it’s really easy to skew things the way you want to, you just have to word it right…as fact activists we have to get really savvy at reading between the lines and looking at the data itself not the claims.   THe baby boomers are aging, skewing the population older…and older=fatter…skew the mean age up by 5 years..f.rom say 30-35 i bet that adds 10 lbs to the average person…making some just heavy enough to be “overweight”

Returning to the article:  “Obesity appears to act by increasing the incidence of high blood pressure and diabetes, two major risk factors for stroke and other cardiovascular problems, the study indicated. When blood pressure readings and diabetes were factored into the calculations, the association between obesity was weakened, “suggesting these major risk factors explain much of the obesity-stroke association,” Yatsuya said.   And despite the mountain of evidence linking obesity and stroke, “we don’t have clear evidence that obesity reduction reduces stroke rate,” he said. Controlled trials are needed to prove that obesity prevention or reduction reduces stroke risk, he said.” (emphasis mine)

So yea, fat people get diabetes.   And diabetes =heart issues much of the time.   But weight loss has NOT been proven to help….maybe just maybe, what causes fat also causes diabetes and heart disease…and thats  GENETICS.   But, you see, genetics doesn’t make money.   So lets scare the fatties into dieting …..until they get diabetes and heart disesase….then scare them into weight loss surgery…and more drugs…adn follow up visits…and now, ten years down the line, they are 20 lbs skinner, still sick with heart issues and diabetes now will vitamin deficiencies and spend even MORE money….because health care, for the most part is NOT about health and ALL about money.  As someone with no insurance, its amazing how little push I get form the doctors to sell me diet drugs…because I can’t afford it.   SO they don’t sell me an expensive weight loss drug, I don’t have insurance to pay for it…and my numbers are good  even though i am  around 300 and well into OMG deathfat your gonna DIEEEE range and have been for over 10 years.  I am healthy and eat well (despite what many friends and family think)  i do yoga 3-4 times a week.  I PROMISE i can swim farther than you (unless you can swim like 5 miles at a stretch)


Just remember kids correlation =/= causation.


One Response to “I LOVE how they skew the evidence.”

  1. Patsy Nevins Says:

    And at least 75% of fat people NEVER get diabetes, it does not cause diabetes in any way, & type II is even more hereditary than type I, just a few more things that they don’t want us to know. More BS, more scare tactics, more twisting words to say what they want to say, more ignoring real facts & genuine scientific evidence=no news.

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