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the gift of a compliment January 20, 2010

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I was reading esquire the other day ( a really awesome men’s mag with flair)  and i ran across and article titled “how to Compliment” by Tom Chiarella (http://www.esquire.com/features/how-to-compliment-1009-4#ixzz0dARlmD6b)   It really got me to thinking.    How often do you get a heartfelt compliment?   How often do you GIVE them?  

The month my husband left me I had tickets to go to summercamp http://www.summercampfestival.com/2010/ (yes I am a recovering hippie, and still a phishhead)  i went but was terribly sad…every song reminded him of me  of my husband and my failure.  I was sitting on a hill pensively watching Umphrey’s McGee and a woman came dancing up to me, gave me a hug and told me I was beautiful.   It really made my day, changed my perspective on life.   The right person at the right time can really change the world.  

THe power is yours…you too can change the world…..I try to give complements to people who don’t normally get them….i wont give the hot blonde in a slinky dress a compliment, she gets them all the time.    I look for the tubby girl in a rocking shirt, the awkward teen with fresh highlights.  I look for new clothes…..a new haircut….a winning smile.   You only have a few seconds to give a compliment, so make it quick and succicnet….personal but not creepy.   It’s a fine line to walk, but really worth it.   If all of us gave out the compliments we thought people deserved, would bad body image really be and issue?   IF we as fat (there i said it) women and men started complimenting each other, suddenly we would feel normal, and less othered.   67% of us are overweight, and feel bad about it (or so the diet companies would like us to believe).  A great way to feel better is a compliment from a stranger.  JUst as being fat can be a revolution, so can telling each other we look fabulous.  And keep doing it till we believe it.


2 Responses to “the gift of a compliment”

  1. the import Says:

    Here’s a thought..if 67% of the population is overweight, wouldn’t it make sense to re-examine where we set the bar of what is and is not a healthy weight?

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