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Elle admits to exersize bulimia January 20, 2010

If I havent mentioned it yet, I LOVE stumble upon, an add-on for web browsers (get it www.stumpleupon.com).   It lets you pick your genres you like to look at (for me its humor, anthropology, video games, music, crafts, linguistics, history ect ect)  and then plugs you into a cloud using a thumbs up/thumbs down system like Pandora or digg.   Anyway it always gives me interesting fa articles from outside the fatosphere and this is no exception.  This time i stumbled into an article about exercise bulimia from Elle Magazine. 

As usual, these may be triggering, please read with care (and take in mind it IS coming from the Evil-Coprorations-Pushing-diets-On-us magazines aka one of THEM)


  I think its great that the author (a reality tv  winner from a show called stylista…the prize was an internship at elle)  was open about the whole thing, and how she realized she needed help.  The first article is her journey toward admitting she has a problem.  Her addiction started through a sport, having to cut 2-3 lbs to make the rowing team.   The old calorie in = caolrie out became the rule for her, the obession…she realized she had a problem when She was taping the show.   Her inability to exercise (their gym membership fell through, they didn’t get the contestants a treadmill, they couldn’t run because of the cameras..ect,ect.)  leads to a quiet breakdown, and she knew she needed help.  

  I think everyone has a triggerpoint….I remember being in middle school drinking slimfast and hiding in the library because I was embarassed…..runnning till I fell over to REM.   And, like the author of the Elle article, I hid my exercise, doing it late at night when no one would know.   Taking the bus to the pool to swim for 7 hours a day, swimming 50 laps or more without stopping.   Now, my exercise bulimia fell to pieces when I started purging, (it was oh so much less time consuming for one), but i can certainly understand where the author is coming from…and to a certain extent it’s what the media at large feeds us.  I find it problematic that in the same magazine as this article there is also THIS article http://www.elle.com/Beauty/Health-Fitness/ELLE-Make-Better-DVD-With-Brooklyn-Decker, but i suppose it IS a step in the right direction.


the second is the beginning of her recovery journey.  I sort of disagree with the slightly oversimplified idea that she could get “better” from an eating disorder in 21 days, but hey, it’s a start.  It’s about time that folks start seeing the compulsive exercise as pushed by the biggest loser and other weight loss shows.    It’s NOT ok to run 8 miles a day because you ate a muffin.   You are NOT supposed to exercise through injuries.    Holidays.   Birthdays.  The road to recovery is a long process full of pit falls.   The author speaks about gaining 3-4 lbs over the course of 21 days…but what if your body equilibrium is naturally 50 lbs heavier than that?   What happens when you STOP going 2-3 daily 6 days a week?   And where is the line?  Whats the difference between fasting because you know you are going to a buffet….or starving yourself so you can binge?  I think the line is, like all  addictions, does it affect your life?  are you ashamed of it?  do you obsess  about it?  do you do it in secret?

Anyway some food for thought.


the gift of a compliment

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I was reading esquire the other day ( a really awesome men’s mag with flair)  and i ran across and article titled “how to Compliment” by Tom Chiarella (http://www.esquire.com/features/how-to-compliment-1009-4#ixzz0dARlmD6b)   It really got me to thinking.    How often do you get a heartfelt compliment?   How often do you GIVE them?  

The month my husband left me I had tickets to go to summercamp http://www.summercampfestival.com/2010/ (yes I am a recovering hippie, and still a phishhead)  i went but was terribly sad…every song reminded him of me  of my husband and my failure.  I was sitting on a hill pensively watching Umphrey’s McGee and a woman came dancing up to me, gave me a hug and told me I was beautiful.   It really made my day, changed my perspective on life.   The right person at the right time can really change the world.  

THe power is yours…you too can change the world…..I try to give complements to people who don’t normally get them….i wont give the hot blonde in a slinky dress a compliment, she gets them all the time.    I look for the tubby girl in a rocking shirt, the awkward teen with fresh highlights.  I look for new clothes…..a new haircut….a winning smile.   You only have a few seconds to give a compliment, so make it quick and succicnet….personal but not creepy.   It’s a fine line to walk, but really worth it.   If all of us gave out the compliments we thought people deserved, would bad body image really be and issue?   IF we as fat (there i said it) women and men started complimenting each other, suddenly we would feel normal, and less othered.   67% of us are overweight, and feel bad about it (or so the diet companies would like us to believe).  A great way to feel better is a compliment from a stranger.  JUst as being fat can be a revolution, so can telling each other we look fabulous.  And keep doing it till we believe it.