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cautiously excited: new reality tv with Carnie Wilson January 13, 2010

So for those of you who don’t know…I LOVE LOVE LOVE   reality tv.  I have a degree in anthropology, and there we learned it’s not ok to take 10 americans and force them to survive on an island….but you can pay them to do it with fabulous prizes.   It gives you a chance to people watch and i do so love to people watch….but I digress….

I was watching Tabitha’s Salon takeover (http://www.bravotv.com/tabathas-salon-takeover) when I saw a commercial for this show on the game show network of all places…http://tv.gsn.com/shows/unstapled/.   Carnie Wilson, the “fat” member of Wilson Philips (or as I call her the pretty one) has had her ups and downs, her spokesmodelships with weight loss companies, her stomach stapling, and her playboy cover.  Now shes making a reality show.   I actually started CRYING (gogo pms yay!)  and hopped online to see more…i am cautiously optimistic…..hit play one the box in the middle of the link and you will see the commercial, i cant seem to find it on you tube to link it to you guys right now so its playable on my blog (hopefully an edit will be coming soon on that front).  

After perusing the site I am even more happy…nowehre does it say “as we follow her on her journey to lose weight”  it does mention weight control, but that IMHO tends to mean more eat right and less diet.  here is the direct quote of the tv guide-y blurb they ahd….”Unfiltered. Uncompromising. Unpredictable. Carnie Wilson, host of the Newlywed Game, brings you inside her chaotic life with her own new reality show. Mother, wife, entrepreneur, singer and songwriter; you won’t want to miss Carnie struggle to get her busy life – and weight – Under Control.”  

Looking through the photo gallery, and watching the videos, at first i was sacred…i KNOW she got her stomach stapled, and I was worried it was going to be one of those inspirational-watch-the-fatty-cry-and-lose-weight shows that crop up everywhere in the wake of biggest loser (which i HATE as someone with exercise and bulimia and competition issues, but i digress again go ADD)…this does not seem to be.   It does not seem to be however.   She DOES exercise, and she does makes salads in some of the pictures, but she is also baking cookies and other tasty desserts too, and more importantly is sharing them with all freely and happily with the joy only a good cook may have.   I have always loved Carnie since the mid 90s, she was pretty and a rockstar with MY body type (and so was her mom) .  I know she’s been doing the newlywed came and other hosting jobs over at GSN (and doing really well at it too)   Seeing the clips available online makes me like her even more…she seems brass and sexy, tired like moms can be, but unabashedly sexy and willing to talk about sex toys.  HEr mas seems to love her too, just the way she is, and doesn’t see to mind being intimate.  Hopefully the cameras don’t ruin their relationship like it has for oh so many other reality tv couples.  They are both rockstars already, and carnie has grown up in the limelight, it may turn out ok….i for one will be watching.