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yet another angry link January 11, 2010

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from http://www.womansday.com/Articles/Family-Lifestyle/9-Kids-Cartoon-Character-Transformations.html

Has anyone else noticed a disturbing trend to make iconic kids toys of the 80’s SKINNIER to update them?   i get the Dora to a certain extent….she started out 3 years old…the newer Dora is what, 8-9?  Kids DO get taller and less round as they get bigger……but what about strawberry shortcake?  Rainbow bright?  hell even the motherfucking TROLL DOLLS get skinnier and they aer SUPPOSED to be ugly….and dont get me started on the care bears.    THEY ARE BEARS.   Arent bears supposed to fat, what with the hibernating all winter and whatnot?   Girls already crack under the pressure to be perfect in high school and junior high….but now we have to make them feel fat in elementary school, too?    Why does “updating”  mean also “skinny”?