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anybody catch the insider December 26, 2009

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 Today on the insider (http://www.theinsider.com/) there was a whole segment on fat  exploitation, featuring nici nash.   I’ve only seen the teasers so far but it looks promising, talking   about how people (especially reality tv)  has been doing fat TV shows (biggest loser, dance your a$$ off ect).  the whole discussion was kicked off by an article in Details called “whale watching”  first off what the fuck! 

ok…back after the actual news  snippet…it was short on facts, and skewed folks like ruby losing over 300lb as the norm….but it pretty much said “lay off people, they are just meanies making fun of people”  Nici (who i LOVE by the uh-huh!)  It also said that folks have the misconceptions that fatties are lazy but we are not….well at least it wasnt hurry up fatty and lose weight or y ou will DIEEEEEEEE that is usually on network tv for the plus sized.   /sigh baby steps i guess.

anyway…im tired, and christmas round 2, (now with inlaws) happens after a 4 hour trek across the state in the morning.


One Response to “anybody catch the insider”

  1. Atchka! Says:

    I love Nici Nash too. My wife got me hooked on that one garage sale show of hers. I forget what it’s called. But she’s hot too.


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