Fat and Sassy

my views on being larger than life.

passing it along — shame on selfridge December 21, 2009

I like to keep an eye on plus sized fashion sheerly out of curiosity….having felt glee when i could finally dress trendy and LIKE EVERYONE ELSE once stores like torrid and lane Bryant hit the midwest (early college years for me), it astounds me that so many clothiers can ignore such a (huge?  growing?  anyway you say it, it sounds like I am calling the customers big….when really I mean a group of people)  segment of the population.   Using stupid excuses such as “the clothes costs more to make”  and “the weight range is simply too big to fit” (like you don’t fit sizes 00-14?  thats a huge range!) or “it doesn’t fit with our branding issues.”  poppycock.   I kinda read that as “we want only rich white girls wearing our clothing.” 

anywhoo…here is the article that started the whole rant……and i don’t live in the UK but i call on those that are there to share their thoughts, and to spread the word…..the media at large may not care when fatties can’t get clothing (where was the big announcement about old navy stopping selling plus sized in stores?) but I for one do and I will announce any changes to plus sized fashion lines i come up with.   this article is from the daily mail.



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