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looky what my secret santa got me! December 21, 2009

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And now for the secret santa guest blog.


Why I Love Christmas

by sylvia

A few weeks back, I was getting depressed because I love Christmas and I had no Christmas spirit.  The Mr. Sylvia did all that he could and helped me get the spirit back with the decorations and the lights and the music.  Because I love those things.  Those are the things about Christmas that I really love.

But what I love the most is the “togetherness” of the Holiday.  I know, I know – it sounds so cheesy.  But it is so true.  And this weekend was the perfect example.

See, I have two sisters and their husbands don’t really get along.  And that obviously causes stress around the holidays, and some people aren’t willing to compromise to spend time with their family.

But this year, my niece from the West Coast came to visit for the holidays, and I decided that was a good enough reason to force everyone together.

And they did!  My whole family.  In one/two/three rooms, enjoying themselves, having some drinks, eating the unbelievable amounts of food, and singing some Karaoke.

And today – I spent the afternoon with all my nieces and nephews having fun and laughing – not a fight in sight, not an argument anywhere. 

It was more than I could have ever asked for.  Thank you, Santa!

Happy Holidays!



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