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So sorry about the holidays December 20, 2009

hey guys…i know i m not the biggest of blogs yet, and in retrospect maybe starting this the week before thanksgiving into the Christmas holidays was a bad idea….im fairly new to the mommy thing and the girls (ages 6 and 7) still belive in santa…..meaning mommy has to hurry hurry get the shopping done before the kids are home for the winter break. ….then the oldest was sick and home from school….but now the presents are bought and wrapped, the christmas cards sent and the stuff to the out of towners shipped off (hopefully in time for Christmas).     I will be writing more as time allows…..working on a blog about the offensive nature of NYE resolutions and my new NON diet ones……also a big one about culture and food (the idea sprang from the atcha guest blog secret santa gift exchange.)….In the meantime happy holidays, take time to breath in the great baking smells, and don’t let your ED de-rail you.   (the holidays have SO many pitfalls for those in recovery)


One Response to “So sorry about the holidays”

  1. Twistie Says:

    You know what? This is your blog. You get to determine how often you write in it, whether that’s twice a day or twice a month. ‘Santa’ has a lot of work to do. We’ll still be here when you’ve got the time to post.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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