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anybody catch the insider December 26, 2009

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 Today on the insider (http://www.theinsider.com/) there was a whole segment on fat  exploitation, featuring nici nash.   I’ve only seen the teasers so far but it looks promising, talking   about how people (especially reality tv)  has been doing fat TV shows (biggest loser, dance your a$$ off ect).  the whole discussion was kicked off by an article in Details called “whale watching”  first off what the fuck! 

ok…back after the actual news  snippet…it was short on facts, and skewed folks like ruby losing over 300lb as the norm….but it pretty much said “lay off people, they are just meanies making fun of people”  Nici (who i LOVE by the uh-huh!)  It also said that folks have the misconceptions that fatties are lazy but we are not….well at least it wasnt hurry up fatty and lose weight or y ou will DIEEEEEEEE that is usually on network tv for the plus sized.   /sigh baby steps i guess.

anyway…im tired, and christmas round 2, (now with inlaws) happens after a 4 hour trek across the state in the morning.


an interesting tidbit December 23, 2009

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So i was using the best web site discovery system out there…stumble upon (go to stumbleupon.com and download the app, and make your preferences.   Trust me it will change your life)  and i came across www.worldlifeexpectancy.com.    HEart disease is # 1 (and i know folks will argue that fat=heart problems but the folks i know with heart issues are skinny, but i digress as usual)  but i dont see obesity on there anywhere.   Just seems interesting.


passing it along — shame on selfridge December 21, 2009

I like to keep an eye on plus sized fashion sheerly out of curiosity….having felt glee when i could finally dress trendy and LIKE EVERYONE ELSE once stores like torrid and lane Bryant hit the midwest (early college years for me), it astounds me that so many clothiers can ignore such a (huge?  growing?  anyway you say it, it sounds like I am calling the customers big….when really I mean a group of people)  segment of the population.   Using stupid excuses such as “the clothes costs more to make”  and “the weight range is simply too big to fit” (like you don’t fit sizes 00-14?  thats a huge range!) or “it doesn’t fit with our branding issues.”  poppycock.   I kinda read that as “we want only rich white girls wearing our clothing.” 

anywhoo…here is the article that started the whole rant……and i don’t live in the UK but i call on those that are there to share their thoughts, and to spread the word…..the media at large may not care when fatties can’t get clothing (where was the big announcement about old navy stopping selling plus sized in stores?) but I for one do and I will announce any changes to plus sized fashion lines i come up with.   this article is from the daily mail.



looky what my secret santa got me!

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And now for the secret santa guest blog.


Why I Love Christmas

by sylvia

A few weeks back, I was getting depressed because I love Christmas and I had no Christmas spirit.  The Mr. Sylvia did all that he could and helped me get the spirit back with the decorations and the lights and the music.  Because I love those things.  Those are the things about Christmas that I really love.

But what I love the most is the “togetherness” of the Holiday.  I know, I know – it sounds so cheesy.  But it is so true.  And this weekend was the perfect example.

See, I have two sisters and their husbands don’t really get along.  And that obviously causes stress around the holidays, and some people aren’t willing to compromise to spend time with their family.

But this year, my niece from the West Coast came to visit for the holidays, and I decided that was a good enough reason to force everyone together.

And they did!  My whole family.  In one/two/three rooms, enjoying themselves, having some drinks, eating the unbelievable amounts of food, and singing some Karaoke.

And today – I spent the afternoon with all my nieces and nephews having fun and laughing – not a fight in sight, not an argument anywhere. 

It was more than I could have ever asked for.  Thank you, Santa!

Happy Holidays!



So sorry about the holidays December 20, 2009

hey guys…i know i m not the biggest of blogs yet, and in retrospect maybe starting this the week before thanksgiving into the Christmas holidays was a bad idea….im fairly new to the mommy thing and the girls (ages 6 and 7) still belive in santa…..meaning mommy has to hurry hurry get the shopping done before the kids are home for the winter break. ….then the oldest was sick and home from school….but now the presents are bought and wrapped, the christmas cards sent and the stuff to the out of towners shipped off (hopefully in time for Christmas).     I will be writing more as time allows…..working on a blog about the offensive nature of NYE resolutions and my new NON diet ones……also a big one about culture and food (the idea sprang from the atcha guest blog secret santa gift exchange.)….In the meantime happy holidays, take time to breath in the great baking smells, and don’t let your ED de-rail you.   (the holidays have SO many pitfalls for those in recovery)


the type 2 diabetes link December 2, 2009

So i have always thought the health factor of obesity was a overwraght chance to make money off us fatties.   There is this myth that if you are fat you will get diabetes, heart disease, blah blah blah OMG DEATHFATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   We didn’t fall for the “you have to look good or nobody will ever love YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU”  rant the diet people have been feeding us since the 80’s.  How ever do you make the fatties who dont care about looks desperate to buy your products and lose weight?   Make them think they will DIE because of it.  

In my personal experience, quite the opposite is true.   My maternal grandfather was 650 lb at his heaviest.   As i recall, not a thing was wrong with him…he may have had bad knees, but ANYONE over 6 foot has joint problems, not just fatties.  He was active in his life and community, playing golf at least 2-3 times a week and actively rasing money for the masons and Shriners.    Nothing that is, until he had gastric bypass….then i remember him throwing up after he ate every time.  10 years after the bypass he died of pancreatic cancer.   (which as far as i know NO ONE has EVER linked to obesity)   My mother had back problems all of her life….worked as a nurse lifting people too….was a size 22 up until the last 2 years…..she lost the weight her doctor told her was causing her joint issues…and now they are even worse than before.   ON the flip side look at my very skinny paternal grandparents…..guess who takes the heart meds?   not teh fatty fatty 2×4 side of the family.  

I have thought for YEARS that yes there is a link between type 2 diabetes and obesity….but everyone wants to blame the stupid fatties (because that is how you sell us the multiBILLION dollar weight loss stuff dontcha know.)    But obesity doesnt cause weight loss its the other way around.   It’s not weight gain which causes diabetes. It’s diabetes which causes weight gain. The majority of people with type 2 diabetes (there is no such thing as Type II diabetes) have an excess of insulin in their blood, which causes the body to lay down white adipose tissue.  ( http://newslanc.com/2009/12/01/type-2-diabetes-causes-weight-gain/)    

Studies show that the idea of calorie in calorie out method is wrong…it doesnt take into account peoples metabolism.   When they did studies trying to produce weight gain through overeating, using prisoners as their test population, they found that weight gain quickly tapered off, even when the prisoners were gorging 10,000 calories per day.   Hell i worked with prader-willi clients, a genetic disorder that causes uncontrollable appetite, weight gain,  and an inability to vomit, among other things.  they were restricted to 800 calories a day and STILL didnt lose weight, even when all food was locked away and they were forced to exercise.   Even when they ran away and gorged on food, they never really gained more than a lb (the weight of the pre-digested food). After a decade of 800-calorie diets, they still were grossly obese. They switched doctors, and the new doctor relaxed things, allowing them to have 1000 calories daily. They didn’t gain a lot of weight, despite the 25% increase in food; in fact, they lost about 5-10 pounds each, on average.