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hey folks! November 20, 2009

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so i guess i should start with the obligatory hi this is me and welcome to my blog post.   lets see….

i am a 30 something liberal with a degree in anthropology and in comparative world religion.   As such i am 1. liberal 2. educated and 3.  poor (and sometimes out of work)  when i am employed i run group homes for MRDD (mentally retarded, developmentally disabled)  folks.  Because of my education I have pretty good knowledge of  how both the medical establishment works AND how a study is run (as well as how you  can easily skew any statistics…..and i thought id never use stat 101)  i love reading, computer games, tech and cooking.  (i also love using parentheses)

i have had an extremely disordered relationship with eating since i was 12 or so.  I can remember being in middle school having slim fast for lunch and hiding it.   This turned into a full blown eating disorder by 10th grade.   I have tried every diet under the sun, and, short of LITERALLY (and misuse of the word literally is a pet pevee)  throwing up every single thing i ate (which i have done over and over again through my life), my body doesnt want to be think .  Im currently 6 foot 2 inches and am, as i like to put it LOLDEATHFATZ  (300ish if you must know), but my frame is big.  Even when an olympic hopeful in synchronized swimming, i wore a 18…hell, even when so bulimic and anorexic my hair was falling out i was STILL only a 14/16. 

Because of my low self-esteem and whatnot (because what is an eating disorder but l.ow self esteem/never being good/thin enough?!?!), i was seeking out men (and women)  who were bad for me….In college i ran into Brad (not his real name)  who was mentally and physically abusive.   After a few awful relationships (im sure we will go into detail eventually) i stood on my own. 

I have made this blog because after pulling myself together, and meeting a new person (who loves me for me!)   i started actually facing down the eating disorder…..and discovered FA through bulimia web sites.   FINALLY!   People who think like me…..i may be new….but i am here to put my spin on things.   I am interested in the social aspects of FA, and eating disorders…and mommyhood (well step-mommyhood).   I hope you like me but if you dont move right along.  



One Response to “hey folks!”

  1. MIchelle Says:

    great job Erin! I’ll be checking in a bunch!

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