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Fat doesn make you sick…people shaming you does. November 21, 2009

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from Slate magazine  http://www.slate.com/id/2231508/pagenum/all/#p2

According to epidemiologist Peter Muennig, there’s another pathway from excess weight to disease. In his 2008 paper “The Body Politic: The Relationship Between Stigma and Obesity-Associated Disease,” Muennig argues that the stress and shame of being fat causes those cytokine abnormalities. In other words, obesity makes you sick by stressing you out. Weight stigma can kill you in more direct ways, too. According to a recent study of the risk factors for suicidal behavior among high-school students, how fat you feel is at least as important as how fat you actually are.

According to this theroy, then the intensity of the abuse you take…not the weight itself…is the actual marker of illness.   Women are almost 75% more likely to suffer eating disorders,  and face far great weight based stigma.  Women only 65 lb heavier make 9% less than theier peers.   Some studies suggest obese white women will lose 25% in wages against similary educated white female peers.   Sure enough women (espically white women)  are 7 times more likely to have weight related issues.  White people are 3x more likely to have wight issues than their same sized peers of african or latin dscent (two cultures that appericate a bigger behind and a curvier woman.)  “According to Muennig, a black woman who’s 5 feet 5 inches and less than 60 years old won’t develop any weight-related risk of early death until she reaches 225 lbs. Meanwhile, a white woman of the same height and age group would hit the same threshold at 170 lbs.” 

Shortness, too seems to have similar correlations.  shortness seems to be linked with heart disease, diabetes, and death.   It is also linked with worse relationships and lower wages. The health effects of being shorter are worse for men…..COuld it be that being short is stressing shorter men out and causing them to have health problems? 

If anti-fat bias can affect our bodies, then it’s worth considering how an all-out war on obesity plays out in terms of public health. When we reach out to poor communities and educate them about the risks of being overweight, we are, in effect, exporting the weight stigma that happens to be most prevalent among rich, white people. Indeed, Rebecca Puhl says the reported prevalence of weight discrimination has increased by two-thirds (PDF) since the mid-1990s, while media coverage of the “obesity epidemic” has quintupled over roughly the same interval. (Meanwhile, the U.S. diet industry has just about doubled its annual revenues—to nearly $60 billion.)

We’ve worked hard to frame excess weight as a major health risk and a drain on the economy. The motivation is generous enough: Anti-obesity rhetoric encourages people to eat less and exercise more. But what if it also encourages discrimination? If that’s the case, a war on obesity would come at a significant cost to the fattest Americans—in terms of lower wages, less education, and more stress-related illness.


hey folks! November 20, 2009

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so i guess i should start with the obligatory hi this is me and welcome to my blog post.   lets see….

i am a 30 something liberal with a degree in anthropology and in comparative world religion.   As such i am 1. liberal 2. educated and 3.  poor (and sometimes out of work)  when i am employed i run group homes for MRDD (mentally retarded, developmentally disabled)  folks.  Because of my education I have pretty good knowledge of  how both the medical establishment works AND how a study is run (as well as how you  can easily skew any statistics…..and i thought id never use stat 101)  i love reading, computer games, tech and cooking.  (i also love using parentheses)

i have had an extremely disordered relationship with eating since i was 12 or so.  I can remember being in middle school having slim fast for lunch and hiding it.   This turned into a full blown eating disorder by 10th grade.   I have tried every diet under the sun, and, short of LITERALLY (and misuse of the word literally is a pet pevee)  throwing up every single thing i ate (which i have done over and over again through my life), my body doesnt want to be think .  Im currently 6 foot 2 inches and am, as i like to put it LOLDEATHFATZ  (300ish if you must know), but my frame is big.  Even when an olympic hopeful in synchronized swimming, i wore a 18…hell, even when so bulimic and anorexic my hair was falling out i was STILL only a 14/16. 

Because of my low self-esteem and whatnot (because what is an eating disorder but l.ow self esteem/never being good/thin enough?!?!), i was seeking out men (and women)  who were bad for me….In college i ran into Brad (not his real name)  who was mentally and physically abusive.   After a few awful relationships (im sure we will go into detail eventually) i stood on my own. 

I have made this blog because after pulling myself together, and meeting a new person (who loves me for me!)   i started actually facing down the eating disorder…..and discovered FA through bulimia web sites.   FINALLY!   People who think like me…..i may be new….but i am here to put my spin on things.   I am interested in the social aspects of FA, and eating disorders…and mommyhood (well step-mommyhood).   I hope you like me but if you dont move right along.